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Day 8

As some of you know I have set myself a six week diet. I have completed my first week losing 3.6lbs. My bmi has decreased by 0.5 and my waist is already 5cm slimmer! As a reward I have ordered some new exercise dvds and brought a new song for my mp3 for each half a pound.

I'm a bit worried looking ahead that I will lose my motivation but I hope tje dvds and my success with give me a boost.

Good luck everyone! !!

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Well done thats a great start, and great idea for rewards rather than food rewards. Keeping the motivation can be hard but find what works for you, could be inspirational quotes pinned to the fridge, weekly photos showing your progress, a treat for completing the six weeks like a new outfit or something. Good luck keep up the good work


You should be motivated just by reading your post! You've done great this week, keep it up!


That's amazing well done what is it you have done


Well done you have had a great weight loss this week, I like the idea of the rewards & the goal planning.


That's a great idea to find rewards that actually aid your efforts further. I was looking for some ideas of non-food treats, and they sound really good. Also I like to buy a magazine as a treat (fitness or weight loss mag if I'm feeling I need motivation). Best of luck with your challenge, and keep us posted on the results! :-)


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