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300 small steps back

Hi all.

So this is one of those 'steps back' weeks for me, dang it. Even worse is it was really beyond my control. Had two lunches out, one work, one with family, so no avoiding them and it was carbs overload both times. Urgh! There was nothing else to eat and I get very tired quickly if I miss a meal so I had no option. So even though I tried very hard to compensate the saboteurs won. But not this week. I WILL BE 60. SOMETHING NEXT WEEK. Can you hear me shouting?

keep up the good work everyone and keep posting too.

:) :)

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Happy Birthday for next week!! I have the same problem this week, lots of meals out. Its so hard to be good when your faced with it all



Thanks, good luck for your week ahead :)


Yes you will! It's disappointing to see a gain on the scales, but at least you enjoyed a few meals out! Better luck this week!


A few meals out is not the end of the world, if you made the best choice you could and had fun, then as you say you can get back on track and you will :) Have a great week


Hi Size12goal,

Firstly, a Very Happy Birthday for next week. I hope you have a good week leading up to that, and that you hopefully can put the past in the past (in terms of your meals that you felt were excessive) and move forwards - because you know the things you can do to get back on track.

Personally I don't avoid carbs, and I don't think they're bad at all - I choose wholemeal pasta and also wholemeal bread, and I always make sure that I balance my meals with some protein and some good fats, and also lots of vegetables - that way the glycaemic load is lower and I am ensuring I eat plenty of fibre as well. I really don't think it's bad to eat carbs.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your Birthday when it comes, and that you have a positive week ahead.

Keep smiling :-)

Lowcal :-)


Happy 60th birthday for next week! If you enjoyed the occasions then it's okay. It's not as if you are giving up. You are old enough to know better. Ha Ha. :)


Hi everyone, where did you see its my birthday coming up?. I thought I had the correct privacy settings up? Thanks in advance.


You told everyone that next week you will be 60 in your post :) Happy Birthday!


That made me laugh! I meant it to mean I would be at 60kg!!!!! Hilarious as I do have a birthday soon, but only my 43rd!!!


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