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Back from Holiday

Well got back from my two weeks holiday on the canals. Usually I put on about 6-7lbs when I am away as we usually have lots of treats also usually I am active doing the locks etc. this year however I was not able to do the locks as Physio advised against it due to my neck problem. I was restricted to walking and using MyMapWalk I logged about 30 miles. On the way home we did go to a family event which had a lot of yummy food. I did eat this but was more conscious of not going mad. So to the weigh in. Stepped on the scales yesterday and I had maintained my weight over the holiday. Although I had not lost I feel ok as I know it could have been a big gain. Back on the programme let's see what next week brings.

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That's great! It looks like you made good decisions so as not to gain any weight! Congrats and have a good week!


Thats awesome!! Well done on maintaining, as you say could of been worse, shows just how far you have come especially with all your limitations. I hope i can do as well as you when i go away. Have a great week


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