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Starting on 5:2

Ok! After much persuasion on and feeling sceptical but going to give it ago! First fast day today so your tips please. Giving breakfast a miss - usually a total no no for me. Planning to eat at 12 and 7pm so what do you suggest for an active vegetarian?

Going to try to commit to this for one month. Starting weight 12 stone. I'm 5'6" bmi 27. Want to get to 10ish stone by mid August.

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Hi Bealmor,

How's your first fast day going on the 5:2? I hope you're feeling ok and that you've coped ok so far. I'm presuming you chose some foods to eat at 12 and at 7pm, as per your plan.

I tried 5:2 for a very short period of time, and that was ages ago - I didn't find it very easy to do, as I felt tired and lacking in energy on the fast days, but I know that some people really like it, so I guess it's a very personal thing, and it's great that you're giving it a go to see how you get on with it.

You asked about potential foods for an active vegetarian. I guess a healthy soup with some vegetables and lentils in it, with some wholegrain bread and a nut butter? I always try to ensure I eat some protein, carbs, healthy fats and lots of vegetables, and a portion or two of fruit. Maybe a stir-fry with some beans in it, and vegetables, and maybe some cashew nuts?

I am not a vegetarian - I am just trying to think of some options to suggest. I suspect you may already have thought of some options by now.

I hope you're having a good day, and good luck with the 5:2 regime. Keep us posted as to how you're getting on.

Lowcal :-)


Almost chewing the table leg - but will see it through! Tin of Heinz veg soup at 2pm. Lots of tea & coffee (and of course have to take my milk into account). Small tin of beans for tea with a yogurt.

Did a pilates session first thing so that was fine and kept myself busy through the day.

This is hardest times for me as normally in evening I have a little treat lolling on sofa watching TV.

It will be interesting to see how I get on tomorrow as have to run at Lunchtime so am a little concerned my glycogen stores will be depleted.

Planning to be fasting Friday too as again it's a day I don't do any strenuous exercíse - that evening will be tricky though and then I'll be running first thing Saturday. Just hoping it will be worth it on Monday morning!

Thanks for your interest.

7 more fast days before I give my verdict!


Good luck with your run tomorrow - and also with the remaining time - it's good that you're giving it a good period of time before giving your verdict - it will be a fair and thorough test!

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Tonight's treat? 50g of dried apricots! Whoop de doop! Fantasising about breakfast porridge! Night! X

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