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7 weeks.....And not much difference!!🔫🔫

So this is my 7th week and if I'm totally honest I have relaxed at the weekends....

and this is my 3rd week at the same weight!! I can not get past 9.9 1/2lbs......

On the plan mon/Thursday and relax fri/sat....back to plan Sunday ( I try not to go to mad at the weekends,but life is for living & I think moderation helps to keep you focussed,

If I'm to strict I tend to think wtf!!!!!! And go totally off plan..............🔫🔫🔫

Am I right or shooting myself in the foot.

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I think you are doing so well if you are quite relaxed about it but not putting on any weight that's great. Just don't totally lose your focus though you don't want to start the scales creeping upwards!

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Many thanks for the reply and yeah!!! Your 100% correct


Gosh wish I was 9st.9lb, thats a great weight to be. How tall are you? how much have you lost altogether? Do you need to cut back on cals consumption if you've already lost quite a bit of weight?. Its as you said life is for living and enjoying yourself, don't be so hard on yourself, if you know you have cut back on cals/done exercise 5 days of the week then you should be able to enjoy w/e however if like me you just have to look at an indulgence and it jumps straight on as fat then maybe you will have to be wee bit stricter for a few weeks to break the cycle and get back to losing lbs. Good luck!

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Lol.... Not to sure who Monica is !!!! It should read Jenica......

Bless you and yes I am very pleased to be this weight and it's been a journey to get here..... I'm 5.3 a little shirty so I need to keep the Lbs at bay,

Considered going hardcore for a w/end..no booze or lovely food, just to kick start me again....I'm also 50 soon and the weight is getting harder to move..

Thanks for the reply.


just try and do one w/e as kick off and see if you can lose lbs. 50 is a good age, its the new 40! but then I'm a firm believer in age is just a number. A woman my daughter works with is spending this year [her 50th] partying or going somewhere every week to celebrate-she's having a ball and good luck to her-thats the way to do it!!


Wow, you are doing very well. Perhaps you could count your calories on the weekend too, otherwise you're sabotaging all the hard work you put in during the week. The counting is not forever, only for a little while, remember.


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