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68 Shades of Grey

68 Shades of Grey - I have already written this book and it has taken me about 10 years to complete, busy writing the sequel 68 Shades of Light, which I hope to complete in one year.

68lbs to lose and to see the light back in my body and mind. If I am decluttering my body I think I might do the same with things around me, I am not a big hoarder but I do hang on to things.

I am going to start with my lotions and potions and make up, have a good clear out. Use up all those body lotions get ready for a smooth slick body. Start small and build up to the wardrobe which is very hectic and full of different sizes.


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Love the wholistic approach you are taking. It's good to de-clutter our minds and lives as well as our bodies. I've been doing similar recently and I get such a lovely feeling when I open a well organised de-cluttered kitchen cupboard - it's the little things in life 😀


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