As a change, I had an egg and cucumber sandwich for breakfast and this made me really full. I am not hungry at all now, and will last till lunch time, but I Keep telling myself to eat a fruit. Why? - Habit - that's all it is. Habit. I usually have a fruit every morning or half way through the morning. With today's breakfast I don't need to snack because I am still full so I have to train myself to know that I should only eat if hungry or at set meal times. Mind over matter really


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4 Replies

  • I would still eat the fruit mid morning as it is a healthy choice snack nhs2015 :-)

  • And if you want to snack try eating carrots, celery, radishes, beetroot etc. They are filling, tasty (to me, at least!) and fewer calories than eating fruit :)

  • Sure- sounds good I may try it. You could also try drinking another glass of water when you're hungry for a snack. May work- it's what I do before I eat something I shouldn't.....although in saying that- a piece of fruit wouldn't hurt either though would it?

  • Totally agree. There is no need to snack in between meals, if you have eaten a sustaining meal, but habits can be hard to break. It is a good idea to eat fruit, but it can be as part of your meal.

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