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Day 4

Today has not been my best day. I'm still within 1400 calories per day, but my choices of food hasn't been the best. I didn't give up but lost interest in everything today. I haven't been outside the house for a week now. Sometimes I don;t even feel like getting dressed in the morning. Do you feel like that sometimes too? What is the best way to start feeling better?

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Hey atunia, well done for sticking to the diet! I'm sorry to hear you are so down. I understand how you're feeling. I've been in a similar situation in the recent past. You need to find a reason to get up,do you have any hobbies or things you like doing? I know you said you can't work at the moment but maybe you could start a project? A cross stitch, knitting, drawing, making something, write, or even just research and write about a topic you're interested in. If you're able you could always join a class and learn something new like pottery or art. That way you'll look forward to getting up and doing something you enjoy. Also, get outside and go for a walk, even if you just go round the block /to the local park and back, it will give you energy and lift your mood. Some days it's still a struggle but I find forcing myself to get up and do something or go somewhere helps.

Stay strong, you are not alone 🌸

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I'm sorry to hear you are feeling like that atunia. You have done very well keeping to 1,400 calories. I find the best thing to do when I'm feeling like that is to push myself to do something. Activity fights back and your mood should lift. You are going to find it harder if you just sit and stew. Get out the house and go for a walk. It's lovely weather and you'll feel better in the sun. The first steps are the hardest but you know it makes sense. Keep in touch.


I'm sorry to hear you're feeling down, but good that you managed to stay on track having just 1400 calories. Put yourself first, write down what you want to do for yourself and do it. A nice relaxing bath will help you refocus, xx


Hi atunia,

So sorry to hear you are feeling down. I think a visit to your doctor is a good idea for a physical check up, because being unwell can really affect your mood.

It's also possible you have mild clinical depression. If that's the case the doctor won't necessarily give you tablets because there's lots of treatments to help you other than drugs. For loads of people a certain amount of brisk walking, and a short course of cognitive behaviour therapy are enough to help you see the sunshine again. If tablets are offered they won't make you happy - they just clear your head so can help yourself do things that make you feel better.

I do hope that this rough patch passes soon. I've been in this place myself and I found reaching out for support was the first step in getting better.

All the best.


Hello Atunia, I'm sorry to hear you're feeling so low but pleased you were able to share those feelings with us, it's good to get the feelings out rather than keep them to yourself, it's the first step to feeling better. I understand it's difficult for you to leave the house but I think it's important you do; even if it's for a very short walk then the next day walk for 5 minutes longer, take it slowly one day at a time but the longer you stay home the more difficult it will be for you to go out. This forum is such a good and helpful place to bring our concerns, everyone here has experienced negative feelings about themselves and with the help of the community hopefully those feelings will become more positive. You have done very well in staying within your calorie allowance that's not easy at the best of times and when you're feeling low it would have been only too easy to turn to food for comfort so very well done indeed. Keep up the good work and I look forward to hearing your news in the coming weeks. Best wishes to you.


Hi Atunia, it is so easy to get down and down but by setting small goals you will find you are going up and up and up. You did well by not going over 1400 calories. It is an achievement. Have a happy jar: Every time you do or experience something positive, write it down and put it in the jar. You will soon find the jar filling up and looking at it will make you feel good. "Despite being down, I did not go over 1400c, Yeah !! " there is your positive thing for the day. Next is to put music on, happy music, dancing music, music that will send you into an happy world, pretend you are a singer, see yourself as gorgeous. You probably are. If, like I used to be, you don't want people seeing you, go for a breath of fresh air first thing in the morning when it is still a touch dark or when no one is around. Eventually as your body reshape itself, you will just go out at any time. Keep in touch and tell us daily what you did on each day. We are all in this together.


I feel like that a lot ..because I feel so tired all the time . Put it down to my age, weight and menapause .. Just be really strict with yourself .. Set small achievable goals eg get dressed and walk round the block , or do some house work that you've been putting off .. I always feel much better once I get going

I joined this site three days ago and am using it as my turning point and am trying to be really positive .. Think good thoughts, good luck x


Thank you guys for all your support. Today the sun is shining, the sky is blue and for once I've got a plan to go out, drive 100 miles and meet friends in the evening. ( even if it involves having a pint or two! )

Replying to some posts above, I do not have depression. I know a lot a bout mental problems and CBT treatment etc and I am definitely fine in this aspect. One bad week does not mean depression. However I appreciate your concern.

I am so happy I can talk to all of you and ask your views and opinions. I do not want to talk to my friends and family about most of those stuff I post here, because simply they do not know how it is to feel oversize, miserable and hopeless because of food. Thank you for all your help again!


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