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I can't believe I let myself get like this!

So I was at the doctors on Friday for a follow up after being in hospital (unrelated) a few weeks ago. She checked my weight and im now the heaviest ive ever been at 22 and a half stone. I'm 21 so I now weigh more than my years :/

So ive decided enough is enough. I start uni in September and I cannot be this way anymore!

My main issue is motivation, is there anyone out there who is starting or about to start this diet who could be like a buddy? Im willing to help anyone out but it would be great to track progress with someone!

You're all beautiful!

Much love, ellie x x x

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I have similar story i was at hospital (unrelated), had check up and heaviest i've ever been! I was also 21 when started uni in sept 2014 now 22.

From my time at uni, my weight has grown due to snacking and living the student life of not having a healthy, balanced diet. I would recommend learning quick meals to make before you start uni also discover healthy snacks :)

Motivation is like me to, i think joining this group will be really helpful!

I am a newbie here to but welcome :)

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*waves* Hi Ellie :) I'm just finishing off at uni myself, and have been on a healthy eating/exercise approach for the past 12 months now- it was such a battle to finally get started, but trust me, that in itself is the biggest hurdle to clear, and you've already chosen to do that, so well done to you! I tend to log on MFP (myfitnesspal) and have recently taken up the NHS Choice Couch to 5K running programme, which is great, even for someone like me who literally couldn't run from one side of my local park to the other without feeling like I was about to have a heart attack!

A year on and I'm 3st lighter with 3st left to loose, so if you're looking for a buddy/weightloss pal, I'm more than happy to help! :) If you're on MFP my username is debs972 on there as well-feel free to add me :)

Lots of luck- you'll do amazingly I'm sure!

Debs :) xx

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Hey ellie, I am 26 and in my last year of uni. I'm on my 4th week of the NHS plan and am finding it really great! There are lots of lovely supportive people on here who understand the struggles of weight loss so you are in good company! The NHS plan is a great place to start and I'd recommend downloading an app to count calories such as my fitness pal to track your intake. Break your total weight loss into smaller goals, ie first goal half a stone. This way you will keep motivated as you will be experiencing success along the way!

I wish you the best of luck and I'm looking forward to hearing how you get on 🌸

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Thank you all for your lovely comments! I am starting tomorrow and I'm really hoping this plan will help me!

The thing ive struggled with in the past is what to eat, I live on my own so loads of the recipes I look at are always for 2 or more so it just seems like such a waste! Especially as it's always fresh food you make them with. So if anyone has any tips Id be really grateful! I already have my fitness pal but found it really boring just looking up the calories in stuff! I know that's the whole point but still! I think I will give hsk a go so thanks saxgirl6 :)

All your points made loads of sense and im planning on keeping like a kinda log of things I learn to keep working at them so I'll write them all down :)



You're welcome! As far as portioning goes, either half the recipes so you only make as much as you need or, make enough for two, serve up 2servings and keep one in the fridge for the next day - two meals in one! I've shared this before, but I make up a batch of roasted veg eg an onion, mushrooms, red and yellow peppers, baby sweetcorn, broccoli, carrot, sweet potato(this needs boiling for 10mims first) plus any other veg you like! Throw it all into a roasting tin, add some mixed herbs and a tablespoon of oil, and stick in the oven for 45mins,checking it every 15 and stirring to stop the top burning. It tastes lush and I portion it into freezer bags (I usually get about 4portions) and can be left in the fridge for a week, or frozen for a month. Goes with anything, chicken, fish and you can just heat it up in the microwave. 🌸


That sounds amazing!! I'll add it to my recipes to try :) yeah see my problem is making enough for 2 or 4 and then eating double what I should coz ive already made it! But I have some smaller plates which I plan on using so should help :)


Welcome, I hope you find what you need in this community. Start by dowloading an app on your phone to keep track of calories (Fat Secret, My Fitness Pal...), it's a great aid! Good luck!


So just a little update! I have downloaded mfp and hsk so here's to a good start! Im on my way to my friends who has just had a baby and she's wanting to lose baby weight and she's suggested doing the couch to 5k and race for life!! So im gonna be trying with that too :) xx


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