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Easter break over back to it now

Good Morning Everyone, It's technically week three for me, but I decided to have a fortnight hiatus while the kids were on holiday and back from uni, I didn't go mad and have maintained my weight (which I am so chuffed about) so now I am back to start week 2 with the scales still saying 14.8, (5lb less than 3 weeks ago). Also tomorrow I am back to the surgeon and with a bit of good luck and a fair wind behind he will tell him he is going to operate (again) on my hip and maybe, just maybe, I will be able to see some light at the end of the tunnel regarding exercise. Thankfully I can walk at a steady pace so there is a little bit being done, but how I miss my hiit classes and being able to go for a thoroughly good stomp through the woods. Hopefully this time next week the numbers will be smaller and so will my hips! Have a great week everyone! Thanks for listening.

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Well done for maintaining over easter and for the 5lbs you have lost thats a great start! Fingers crossed you will get the response you want from the doctors and be back on your feet in now time :)


It's great that you managed not to put on any Easter weight! I hope you get good news from the doctor! Have a great week!


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