Day one in the Big Mother house

Okay all set ready to go, first weigh in, checked BMI, NHS site tells me I'm obese, not a nice word. So 4 stone 12 lb to lose to get me in the middle of my healthy range. Myfitnesspal site is down for maintenance, which is a shame as I was relying on that to sort my calories out and my battery has run out on my food scales. So faced with objections to start but I will not let that worry me, it's my first test. Will have a quick check now to see if myfitnesspal has woken up. Off to fight that horrible obese word. Good luck luck everyone. :)


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  • Hi. Today's my first weigh in too. 5 stone will get me in to the healthy bmi although not the middle of it ๐Ÿ˜ฏ. I love the myfitnesspal app. Good luck.

  • Hi jj389, have you managed to access myfitnesspal this morning? Not sure if it is my pc.

  • Apparently it was down for maintainance but it's working now.

  • Ha ha I loved your post heading! Yes it's not nice being called obese but if it shocks us into action then that's a good thing. I felt the same way 2 weeks ago - am still obese but just not so shocked now! I have at least 6 stone to lose but we will get there :-) Good luck with your journey and let us know how it's going....

  • Will do MagsMM I like to chat so this is somewhere I can come to when I want a natter.

  • Hi there Myfitnesspal site working again now.

  • If your mind is ready to focus on this, you are ready, no matter what. Have a great start and enjoy losing a bit of weight every week!

  • Thank you everyone re myfitnesspal, all up-dated now, good to see it in writing.

  • Hi Lorraine-Mary how are you getting on? I've got 28lbs to loose and I must say that I was quite focused on Day 1 yesterday but today I'm feeling very lethargic and full of aches and pains - must be withdrawal symptoms from having very little sugar. Just wanted to say good luck for your first week.

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