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Some really great weight loss stories


Hi everyone,

I read some really inspiring stories about weight loss.

Take a look...

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Thank you for this Trafford1

in reply to nhs2015

Your welcome. I thought it good to share for anyone who hasn't come across this site. I found some really good stories here

There are inspirational stories here right here on this site!

I know this Candystipe. No harm sharing other stories from outside this community.

Thanks for sharing! It's amazing the motives some of them had to lose weight, like getting their boyfriends back. If somebody left me because of my weight there would be no more chances for him!

in reply to HRHGaby

LOL :-) I read all these stories. Love each and everyone of em. There are always new stories posted on this web page. Look out for them

Some are amazing - though how could they get themselves to that size? Here's mine

You have done amazing :-) well done

ZestHealthy BMI

Hi Trafford1,

Great to see these inspiring stories. Thanks for sharing them.

Lowcal :-)

in reply to Zest

Your welcome :-)

Hi Trafford, the socia networking research on page 4is really encouraging....and looks to be accurate . I'm so impressed with all you've achieved so far ...and with such sadness at times. In awe of you!

Hi Portlandprincess, this is truly wonderful and thank you. I have come a long way on my journey and am so happy with the results I have achieved to date. I always come back to this page once a week to see new and inspiring weight loss stories. Keep taking a look every week as there is always a new story posted on there.

Thank you again hun :-) really means alot

Portlandprincess1 stone
in reply to trafford1

Early days for me, but am determined! Amazing people on this forum. Love it.

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