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A little bit excited a little bit scared

Hi all, starting plan tomorrow, thanks for advice on getting my fitness pal. Looks simple to use. I have to say I'm a-little scared of starting tomorrow. I have failed so many times before and don't want to fail again. In the last year I have continued to pile weight on and the task of loosing over 6 stone seems daunting, but if I don't act now it will only get worse. I want to be fit and healthy, run around with my daughter, role down hills and climb trees....if I choose too! Basically be free of all this fat and yuk food. I find it difficult to see this bigger picture and stay motivated. Looking forward to joining everyone. K x

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Don't think of the 6 stones to lose... think that any loss, even 1 lb is better for you than to keep on putting weight. Good luck!


Thanks for your support, think being on a site like this will help.


Welcome! We are all in the same boat so understand all the highs and lows. This is the start of something good as you have lots of support now. I shan't wish you luck but determination. Go for it! :)

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Did you fail, or did the diets set you up for a fall? This time, enjoy the lifestyle changes :-)


Hi Katharine, you're starting the beginning of the rest of your life tomorrow, well done you. I have found that for me the most important thing has been to feel in control of myself and not to let the demons in my head take control.

I have lost 6st 9lbs in the last 18 months, I started out as a nearly 23st sixty year old. I was advised by an NHS dietiantison to start by eating healthily, cutting out my problem foods of cakes and biscuits and to gradually cut down on portion size of other carbs (bread, potatoes etc).

I have found that allowing myself a small treat on special occasions and relaxing my diet when away on holiday has worked for me. I know I will have set myself back a bit but I found that this was way for me to stay on this plan for the long term.

Setting myself very small targets has worked for me, at the most 1/2 stone weight loss in an achievable time. Also setting small targets to get moving a bit more, this has gradually led me into swimming when I had lost a few stone and now I am going for 2 mile plus brisk walks 2 or 3 times a week.

Katharine I don't now what weight you are now but just give yourself time to look after yourself. Don't forget that your weight went on over years and changing your eating habits for the rest of your life is the most important thing you can do for you and your family.

Go for it!! xx


What a positive and inspiring post thank you you have helped me feel determined to do this even if it wasn't aimed at me xx


You sound a lot like me (7 st to lose) - Good luck, I really do hope you reach your goal x


Hi can relate to this as I start a diet every Monday, I try so hard to eat healthy then I will have one slip up and that's it I think to my self next Monday I will try. I am going to see the nhs dietitian tomorrow so hopefully that will help. I have only 3 stone to loss but I need to reilise it won't happen over night. Good luck.


Thank you for your inspirational words, I feel so much better now, I'm determined to give a go, lots of what you have said is true, changing habits that have been developed for years takes time and yes, the Monday restart rings true too! I was talking to my husband tonight and he said the most motivated I am is when I'm exercising ...this got me thinking and it's true, when I exercise I feel good and don't want to eat the junk I usually consume. Off swimming tomorrow and wii dance with my daughter. looking forward to it.....good luck everyone and thank you again for your encouragement.


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