Lose weight in 3 months

Hi, I am new here and so far on my own I have lost 3 stone. Ever since by dad passed away 2 years ago I have put on weight which made me just over 18 stone. When I looked at the scales, I hated myself for weighing so much at such a young age. I have lost nearly 3 stone which makes me just over 15 stone now. In 3-4 months I am finally meeting my friend from Wales and I want to lose the minimum of 3 stone by then. This has taken a lot of courage for me to post and any help is really appreciated. Many thanks :)


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  • Hi - I'm new here too - starting today ! Be proud that you've lost so much weight so far - you already know you can do it. Everyone on here has their own story and reasons for wanting to lose weight, and from all the posts on here, people are also really suportive - I think if you have a goal (like meeting your friend) then you're so much more likely to succeed. I have no tips as yet, but i'll share them should I discover some. Very best of luck

  • Thank You

  • Welcome, I hope you find what you need in this community. Start by dowloading an app on your phone to keep track of calories (Fat Secret, My Fitness Pal...), it's a great aid! Good luck!

  • Ok Thanks :)

  • Hi Sophie and welcome to the forum! You are in good company here, there are many of us with alot of weight to lose and I have found this community to be a great source of strength and support!

    First of all a huge well done on the weight you have lost so far 🎉🎉that really is amazing! Whatever you are doing seems to be working so stick with it and I'm sure you will reach your goals!

    I also have alot of weight to lose. I have found having a calorie counting app such as my fitness pal really useful in keeping me on track and I'm using couch to 5k on my bike to increase my exercise.

    Try not to put too much pressure on yourself to lose so much in a short space of time, the changes you are making to your lifestyle need to be ones that you can stick to long term and you don't want to lose motivation if you don't get there in your time frame. Do you mean 3more stone or one more in 3months? That being said it's good to have something to aim for!

    I wish you the best of luck and I'm looking forward to hearing how you get on! 🌸

  • Thanks for the encouragement, it means a lot and I mean 3 stone in 3 months :)

  • You're very welcome☺ just be careful you are not reducing your intake too much as it won't be sustainable, slow and steady wins! 🌺

  • Hi I admire your courage..keep it up! I have just found this site and hope that when I begin my healthy eating programme from tomorrow that I can begin to report healthy weight losses. I will also need encouragement. I need to lose at least 2 stone for health reasons as well as needing to be an energetic grandma!

  • Thank you and good luck with your weight loss as well

  • Okay, thank you :)

  • Well done Sophie! You'll find it a lot easier as there is so much support here. :)

  • First of all well done on losing such a great amount :-) and welcome to the site a great place for support and motivation. You sound like you have overcome so much and are doing what works for you, as you get smaller it does get harder to lose weight but is still totally possible with determination which you seem to have. Having a goal to aim towards will help keep you on track. Thanks for sharing your story you are among like minded people here that will be here for support for the highs and the lows, use this forum its really helpful. All the best

  • Hi Sophie I am so sorry to hear of the sad loss of your Dad. It's a tough time. I too lost my Dad 2 years ago and I miss him terribly still. I put about 3 stone since then and like you hated myself for it.

    However, there is hope. I have lost 2 stone since August. It's been a struggle to lose weight in the last few months but I have maintained.

    I wish you every success in your continued weight loss. Keep going it will be worth it !

  • You can defo do this I have faith in you I've lost 33 llb in 11 weeks and I have been totally good as gold as I can be and tonight I've just had 6 chip shop chips with mushy peas as it was my birthday yesterday and I was very poorley with a servere migraine so I couldn't eat anything and I had it from the night before so I had it with my two girls tonight but I only had 6 like I said and I didn't even enjoy them so it's not all that bad being healthy as well as a great weight lose so stick with it you can do it. Liz :)

  • Well done you, sounds like you're on the right road. very best wishes..

  • Good morning to my all friends.i suggest daily walking for an hour is advice , to any body and less intake junk foods,to reduce over weight.but speed limit depending on health condition and age.thanks have a healthy long life

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