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Holiday goal

So a little over a month a go I set myself a goal of being 2.5 stone lighter by the time I went on holiday. I am 3.5lbs short b UK time surprisingly I'm ok with that.

I have had slip ups and bad days and every time instead of just quitting I have said well il try again tomorrow. Iv found exercise classes that I enjoy and my clothes are getting far too big.

Even though I fell short of my goal I'm really pleased with how far iv come and I know now that I have the willpower and drive to keep going.

I'm going to enjoy my holiday but I'm also going to walk as much as possible while I'm there so hopefully it won't b a big set back!

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You are right to be happy about what you have achieved rather than worrying about the last 3.5lbs - well done! You are fitter, slimmer and healthier than when you started - that's the main thing. Enjoy your holiday - you've earned it :-)


It's amazing how much you have achieved! Congrats! Enjoy your holidays! You'll need to buy some new clothes to suit the new you!


That's amazing well done, can I ask what eating programme you have followed


Iv just been following a healthy eating plan really. Controlled portion sizes, plenty veg and minimal processed food and drink.


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