I bought some lovely strawberries. 250g. By the time I cut the leaves/stem thingy, I had 200g. I checked the calorie counter, and it is just 33 calories per 100g. Brilliant! My snack was a bowl of 200 g fresh strawberries for ONLY 66 calories! Just love calorie counting, it gives me the impression I am shrinking. I wouldn't have it every day as there is probably too much sugar in it but, boy, was it good !!!

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  • Yummy!! 🍓🌸

  • One of your 5 a day too. They'll be tastier in the summer so I'm looking forward to that. x

  • I had some melon yesterday, only 36 calories pr 100g. Amazing!

  • Right, down the shop I go.... Plain melon or honey dew?

  • Honeydew melon, yummy!

  • Thanks

  • Just had a bowel of melon and strawberries, now off for a walk with the dog in the rain

  • That's the way to go...

  • That sounds nice. I tend to put fat free yoghurt over my fruit make it like a big pudding and low fat yoghurt is usually about 60 cals. so still nice and low but filling. Good luck and post anymore good ideas :-)

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