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Newbie to the site + 12 week NHS Diet

Hi All,

Im new to the forum and thought I'd introduce myself and ask for some advice.

I'm a 30 year young mum of 2, my eldest is 11 and my youngest is 15 months, I need to lose around a stone to be my healthy weight, BMI of 25 currently.

I love dieting, .... (why are you here? I hear you ask) I suffer with willpower, sticking power! I start a diet, download 300 apps, spend £100 on workout gear, fill up that good ol' water bottle and plough myself in and love it, smile while i'm working out and think oh yes! That's the start........

3 days in, apps are unopened, spreadsheets out the window, I cant find the tape measure, I don't have 'time' to get off the sofa to do those 30 crunches my now stale iPhone app is screaming at me to do.....

HELP! How do I stick to something I start, I'm a very organised person and I see things through to the end (work, family, studying etc) except for diets, =(

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Hi and welcome :-) I am not sure what the answer is but maybe you could consider what you love so much about dieting and what it is (specifically) that makes you give up; boredom, feeling too constrained re food choices, inconvenience, cravings, unrealistic expectations, etc. Once you highlight your motivators and your diet-bandits it should be easier to come up with a plan to minimise the impact of the latter.

Maybe you also shouldn't think of this as a diet as that implies a temporary change and promotes the idea of giving up after so many days/ weeks; this programme is about changing your choices for life. It's better to make smaller changes that you can live with than dramatic ones that will only last a few days...

I wish you luck - I am sure that you will succeed :-)

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Hi vixen, welcome to the forum! You are in good company when it comes to lacking motivation! For me, being a part of this forum has helped me alot, it has been easier to stick to it knowing that there are so many other people out there sticking to it too, with whom I can share my experiences. This time round it just seems to have clicked and I am following my plans religiously and getting results.

It sounds like you are doing all the right things with regard to planning. Have you tried making a list of why you want to lose weight? You could put it somewhere you'll pass often and it will remind you of your motivation? I know people have also put an item of clothing they want to fit into on the front of their wardrobe as a constant reminder of why they're doing it.

I wish you all the best and hope you reach your goals! 🌸

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Perhaps you could gradually ease yourself into it? You have a sudden shock once you change everything. Some people just don't adapt to change straight away. This is the only advice I can give from experience. Instead of pop,change for water. Then another week change your breakfast to something more healthy and follow on from those habits. Hope I helped


Welcome Vixen, why do you feel you need to lose a stone to get to healthy weight?

A BMI of 25 is on the top of the Normal Range but and there is quite a big 'but' BMI is only a rough guide, it's a great tool especially for people like Health Professionals to quickly classify patients who are really overweight however it becomes less accurate the closer to the normal range you are. If that was not enough, also the formula used by many organisations including the NHS is believed to be outdated (conceived in the 19 century) because it does not take into account bodyparts scale increase/decrease with height. Try this calculator, you may fair a little better (or not) depending on how tall you are;


There are lots of people that have higher than normal BMI's that are not "Fat" Dr Christian Jessen is a classic example, BMI (I think) is over 26.

Anyway I guess you know whether or not you need or want to lose weight, a stone though sounds a lot based on the information you've shared.

My advice would be make smaller changes that you are able to stick to over the long term instead of huge life changing ones that you can't.

Good Luck and Best Wishes



I went on the site and tried the new system you mentioned. it gives me a higher BMI! Nope, prefer the old system. It is more positive for me 😀


Hey welcome to the group! i find posting on here and reading the posts each day help me to stay focused as i make myself accountable if that makes sense? You obviously have the organisation and determination to make this work. The 12 week plan is great you can fit it around your life style. A free app for counting calories is myfitnesspal, i love it so easy to use and a real great help. Maybe a way for you to keep up the momentum is to set yourself rewards, like a goal outfit for the end of the plan, or a new book/dvd when you complete a week etc.. i found if i broke the goals down and rewarded myself as i went it kept me motivated as i was aiming towards something. This forum is great for support and motivation make the most of it, when you feel yourself waning read some posts or post an sos, so many people on here understand and are willing to help, i dont think i would of succeeded this last 5 and a half months without this site, like you i always lost momentum, but not this time. I wish you all the best, if i can help let me know :)


Thank you all, I think you all hit the nail on the head by telling me to slow down with the changes so I shall do just that.

I put my bmi just because I was 'getting out of' putting my weight ha ha its a sore subject for me, but I am 5ft 7 and 11st 4 (was 10st 13) last month. My wanting to lose weight is purely me knowing I don't feel healthy at this weight, I feel clunky and I know I cant revert to 9 stone something because I think it would kill me, or my partner would first. Id like to be around the 10 stone mark and healthy (ie working out steadily) for my happiness and for my children (and also the wedding that will creep up on me)

I've organised my 12 week plan into a ringbinder, and I plan to start on a fresh week on Monday. I use a fitbit teamed with myfitnesspal (as mentioned earlier) and I used it religiously until I lost my momentum, now I track breakfast, and by evening meal time I lose the will to track because I'm a piggy, no other excuse other than I want that big portion. I've roped my fiance into helping me by asking him to make me track so I don't have that larger portion because its cheating.

I've downloaded the Cto25k also and so I am hoping to use that and I will leave it there so as to not overload myself. (previously I'd have set up myfitnesspal, with fitbit, with 30 day shred, and 30 day challenges app plus tons of other things I probably couldn't commit to)

Thank you all for your support and I will certainly slow down and integrate it slowly and hope that was the downfall to my sticking power!

Good luck all, I hopefully will have a success story to tell at the end of the 12 weeks, in the meantime I will see you on the forums and hopefully find a weekly update thread to join in on to force me into sticking :D


Maybe start planning. In writing.

First, allocate yourself a quiet spot to have some "Me" time. Sit down and work out where to start. Print out the 12 weeks and download fitness programs.

Second, work out a three day meal list to fit with your calorie intake. Decide which three days a week you will exercise as a start. Work out the time and where.

Third, write it down in you diary. Every morning when you get up, check your diary for what you have to do and get into it, one thing at the time.

I think it is best if you start small and add on to it as you go along. Maybe have a few weeks learning about healthy eating, then when you are on your way, start with c25k or strenght and flex. If you try to do all at once, you could get overwhelmed and give up. One item at a time is best. Have small goals and you will reach them I can assure you.


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