Clever little cookie

This clever little cookie here has reached one of her small goal this morning. 75.1kg (11st 12lb). This is where the new joggers/runner shoes come in. I am going shopping!

I am so pleased that even with Easter I still got my target earlier. Two weeks earlier actually. So now my next small goal is to reach the line separating overweight to healthy weight. In my case it is 71.3kg or (11st 3lb). My goal is to do it in six weeks. I can do it right? Now what will be my treat? I need new jeans but then there is that Easter chocolate bunny lurking in my husband's shed...... I really should make my husband eat it so I would not be tempted ! Have a good day all because I will 💖


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16 Replies

  • I can see the big smile on your face! Well done and enjoy your reward, have a great day :)

  • Thank you, I will

  • Brilliant, well done. Look at new clothes as a reward & give the chocolate away. :-)

  • Thank you. Hard decision!

  • You are doing great! Goodbye 12stone forever. Treat could be some perfume as whenever you smell it, you'll be reminded how happy you are with your achievement. x

  • I never thought of this. Good idea

  • Woop Woop! Good for you!!! I'm down 1/2 stone and need to lose another stone to reach my goal of 10 stone. I've also decided on buying myself some ££ Vans when I reach a goal and another of a massage. SO HAPPY for you- well done!

    Any tips you've discovered or ideas for foods that work for you- this all helps keep me motivated. Thanks, Teresa

  • Thanks. I really eat well. Everything, but just work it out to fit with my 1400 calories

  • Hi Nhs2015,

    You're doing really well - great progress. Hope you enjoy your shopping trip and find something suitable for your reward.

    Wishing you another great week ahead, and a good weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you

  • Congrats! Chocolate is not a treat, please don't eat the egg, :) You are doing great! My target is similar to yours, I'm 6 kg away from a healthy BMI. I think I can get there in 6 weeks, but I'm in no rush, as you know. Good luck!

  • Thank you. Actually when I had chocolate at Easter, I did not really enjoy it as much as I thought I would. I have seen a lovely light sport fitted jacket at the sport shop which is now on my list of treats......

  • Well done, fantastic work! You so deserve those new shoes! Keep it up, I know you will get there! 🌸

  • Thank you Anna999. I got the shoes, but I still can't get rid of my old faithful ones. I don't really like changes so this is why changing my way of life with NHS has been such a big fantastic step for me.

  • There's nothing wrong with keeping hold of them for now! A momento from when you changed your life! I know exactly what you mean, I also find change difficult! But this one counts and is so worth it! You sound so positive and must be so proud! 🌸

  • Thanks Anna

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