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Hi all,

For the 100th time I decided to do something with myself and lose weight - I can't look at myself any more. I printed out the plan for the 1st week and I will start following it tomorrow. I will use myfitness pal on my mobile to help me count the calories, but could really use your help. It will not be my first attempt and I tend to give up when I do something wrong... I want to be strong. I'll be grateful for any help and advice you can give me. So my first question is... how do you stop yourself from eating sweets?

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  • Hey welcome to the group really supportive people on here, you have come to the right place. We all understand what you are going through. You have made a great start the 12 week plan is a great place to start and myfitnesspal is something i rely on daily. My best advice is to break it down into smaller goals as it makes it more manageable. Also realise that we all have bad days and sometimes fall off the wagon so speak, but by learning what triggered it and learn from it and getting back on track will keep you moving forward (or downwards scales wise) i think most of us have tried and failed many times but this time have made the mental switch to make it work. The forum will always be here for your highs and lows its a great tool for support and motivation for me, hopefully it will be for you too. All the best

  • Hi,I know the feeling,I always start on Monday,have joined many slimming clubs and always give up after 1 mistake so I know how you feel,so can't really give you any advice but I wish you lots of luck ,I started again on Tuesday,have already gone over cals today but going to knuckle back down tomorrow and hopefully that is the answer and with the sweet thing my son had to cut down on sugar and he has that cacao choc by lindt it takes a bit of getting used to(its a bit like eating cocoa powder)but he reckon it helps.Hope all goes OK☺

  • Thanks a lot. I really hope it will work this time! I'll keep you posted and let me know how you are doing too !

  • Hiya Hon

    I've given up cake and biscuits two days ago by not having one right now. I tell myself I can have one later if I really really need one but I don't by then..I've just started but so far so good :)

  • To stop eating sweet : go cold turkey! Step one : Don't have them in the house, step two: don't go to the aisle in the shop where they are stored. Step three: walk away if you see one. Step four: Don't put sugar in your tea, use green tea or use an alternative to sugar. I use Natvia which is a natural product. Someone said to me once that sugar craving last 4 days, somebody else said : one week. I don't really know but think of the consequences. It may be difficult but you can do it. Start with those four steps and let us know how you are getting on.

  • If you screw up draw a line under it and start again. One day wont ruin you?!!. .. with sweets i have low calorie things in so if a craving comes i have something thats better for me. And with me personally i find if i crave it I'm better to have a little or i will eventually cave and have more than i would have initially

  • Just have one type of chocolate bar. You'll get fed up of it soon if you don't have a choice. There's strawberry flavour, watermelon, mint plus others flavoured low cal chewing gum which stops me giving into sweets. If you have too much of that you'll get wind. Oooops!

  • Hey there- I let myself have one treat time per week- usually ends up being dinner out with friends or movie night etc. Then I can plan on something I really want- like dinner then some popcorn and a candy bar, glass of wine, etc. THEN that's it for the week, and I don't panic. In times of panic and craving I look forward to that time per week.........and think about having whatever it is I want, then. I also don't like the idea of feeling like I've had a "bad" day or whatever.....cause I see that as more negative which I don't need. Hope this helps.....hang in there- you can do it! Start on day one and plan plan plan what you'll have every meal and weigh portions etc. Oh and WATER- you won't lose weight without drinking a lot! Plus sometimes when I'm hungry I drink a glass and it goes away.....good luck.


  • Thanks guys for all your support. I know it is not an amazing achievement, but I haven't eaten anything sweet yet! I really wanted to have something bad, but I ate a carrot instead.

  • Welcome, I hope you find what you need in this community. No sweets! Good luck!

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