Third week

Even though I had a bad weekend last week I still managed to loose 1lb, I think it is due to the exercise I am doing. I even went to the gym for the very first time and was amazed that I could use the equipment because they had stuff just for the arms. I have managed to kick my depression out of the house for now. I know that it is a cliché but exercise really does make you feel good. I love the aqua classes and knowing that I am making positive changes is helping. I have managed to stop being as hungry by grazing instead of having just three meals a day. Thank you every one who answered my post when I was feeling a failure. It really does help having other people at your back. To everyone else good luck .


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6 Replies

  • Hi housesprite! Yay! 🎉🎉 losing a lb is great especially as you have had a bad week! Well done you!! 👏👍One success under you belt and many more to come I know it! I'm glad you're feeling a bit better and have found your exercising to be therapeutic on top of what you had intended! It sounds like you are feeling more positive and doing great! Best of luck for the coming week! 🌸

  • Well done.

  • Hi house sprite, I too started three weeks ago and feel like I am thwarted every step of the way - I am really trying but few days into my 1st week I had a mammogram! Results have come back with something 'suspicious' showing up (very small but there) so I had to have further investigation - Scan and biopsy which left me sore and bruised,knocked my swimming off course and slowed me down for a few days and since then it's all been a bit erratic. Results of the biopsy delayed because of Easter until next Monday and we have a weeks holiday in Rome from Tuesday. How can I keep going without raiding the chocs and having the occasional glass of red???

  • Hi Marsher, I am sorry that you have had such a bad time of late, maybe at the moment you need to be kinder to yourself and have a break. Don't go mad but the odd glass of red won't hurt too much and it may help you relax. After you have got your results (which I hope are good) then you can get back to the proper routine. I am lucky I don't like chocolate too much but show me a biscuit and I am in trouble. I have stopped buying them and replaced them with fruit. I hope that you have good results and that you can get back to the exercise and diet soon.

  • Thank you for your support - I'm sure I will bounce back (literally) after results and holiday! should be getting lots of walking in next week so hope that will offset the occasional glass of wine. X

  • I'm very happy to hear that you are putting yourself first and making good choices! Keep making good choices and you'll feel better every day! It's up to you and we want to hear more of great weeks like this one! Keep it up!

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