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My weight has been an issue all my life 22 years old. 350 plus lbs. That's where all my insecurities come from and me not being happy with with my self.... I been in a relationship for two years with an amazing guy... but I've pushed him a way Because of those two things....... now I'm trying to do this for ME.... just taking the first step is hard. I don't know where to start. I've actually am going on 2 weeks with No sodas. Strictly water... Yes it's veryhard being iwas stuck on Pepsi. My eating habits suck. I work at a convince store and mainly work midnight shift. So again my eating habits are not normal. I'm trying to start walking but the motivation is not there... please some one help???


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  • I was 350+ lbs last year and today I have hit my target of 210lbs. It is completely possible to lose the weight you just need to get into a positive frame of mind about your lifestyle. I like you have had issues with my weight for years, I was 25 years and struggling to climb stairs, fit into clothes and generally not able to live my life with fear of not being able to do things because I was so large. Today I am a brand new person and you can be too! I ditched the soda straight away and went onto diluting juice, I also didn't do anything that was a fad diet scheme. I didn't look at it as a diet but a lifestyle change. It's all about getting into a healthy routine and trust me once you're in it and the weight starts to come off it will be more difficult to get out of it. If I can do it after many failed attempts at other diets then you can too!!!

    Good luck on your journey and keep us posted!

  • Thank you so much.. it does help knowing your not in it alone...

  • Cutting out the soda as you put it should help immensely. Getting into a good healthy eating regime is paramount to success of both weight loss and health (longevity), the foods you are currently eating are probably driving your moods and depression which I am guessing you then attempt to counter with a lift and comfort from eating sugar which makes you feel better in the very short term but just drives the issues further in the long run.

    Even though you work in a Convience Store, you should take your own Healthy Food in with you to eat as making food choices once you are hungry can be disastrous, plan the food you will eat on your shift and stick to it. You've not mentioned where you live but If you are working nights and sleeping during the day and not getting regular sunlight on your skin then you may want look at taking Vitamin D supplement, which in turn should also help lift your mood, if you do take Vit D then it's important to make sure you either supplement or eat enough Vit K2 and Magnesium.

    Perhaps download the NHS 12 week plan, it's a great spring board to a healthy eating for life and will hopefully help.

    Good Luck.

  • I actually live in Georgia, USA and a couple days out the week I work 12 am to 8 am then I work the following days on 4pm - 12am. My schedule is all messed up including my sleep Pattern.

  • Welcome, I hope you find what you need in this community. Start by dowloading an app on your phone to keep track of calories (Fat Secret, My Fitness Pal...), it's a great aid! I still drink zero coke which has no sugar because I love it too, although I know it's not ideal. Good luck!

  • This site is a really good place for support. Slow and steady and making lifestyle choices will help. Look at the big picture - by 25 you could be super healthy, maybe even sooner. Keep an eye on this site for advice and inspiration and I am sure you can make a positive change to your life! Good luck.

  • Hopefully you will find all the support and motivation here that i have. Great people on here that understand the hardships of losing weight. A great place to start is the nhs 12 week plan, can fit it round most lifestyles. If you decide to calorie count download an app like myfitnesspal its great i couldnt live without now. Soda is a weakness of mine that and chocolate, i drink sparkling flavoured water its a good replacement and every now and then ill have a diet soda just to help but not so reliant anymore, you can do this. Whenever you need support this forum will be here for you. Late shifts are a nightmare but fit a new eating habit around your lifestyle and plan healthy snacks for while you are working, stop you from snacking on the wrong things. All the best and good luck

  • Thank you I've started out slow. icould only make it around the track two times...... iI was disappointed but have to remember starting slow

  • One day at a time and you will get there

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