Let the battle begin

I've not posted on anything like this before but I weighed myself this morning and was disgusted with what I saw. 13st starring up at me 😭. I even got on and off the scales 3 times to check what I was seeing. This is the heaviest Ive ever been and at 5ft 3 and 6 weeks away from my holiday it's not good.

So Ive decided that I really need to shift this bulge, it has to go and this time I'm determined seeing that number this morning was a real shock. I would ideally like to get down to 9 stone, this will take time I know but if I could get there by Christmas when we go away again then that would make my year.

Every Monday I start a diet and each week I fail saying I'll start again next week, which I see has brought me to where I am now.

Reading your posts on here has inspired me to write this and feel positive about the challenge I face.

So I leave you now feeling inspired and ready to do battle with this weight and WIN 😃

I will find the thinner me, I know that persons in there somewhere because I was that person once. Wish me luck.


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  • Good morning ive just read your post and you sound very similar to me, im 5ft 3 and i weighed in on the 31st of march at 12st 8lb i have also tried to slim down before and lost a bit but then put more back on. The good news is that i started healthy eating after finding this site and and doing more exercise and on tuesday i did my first weigh in and i had lost 6lbs which is a lot as 1-2 lb a week is plenty but the thing is i have stuck to this and im feeling a lot better already.

  • Wow well done you. You have no idea how inspired I fell right now. Thanks

  • Hi I struggle with my weight I was a bit more than you 13-10 and I only 5-1 tall so a little difference I've always struggled with my weight. But this morning I'm waking up 33 llbs lighter thanks to 11 weeks solied determination I've been so strict with myself not one bit of rubbish has passed my lips because I'm like you if I get the taste back for junk food I will ruin it and for different health reasons I carnt . I will give you a little tip first thing every morning I drink fresh lemon juice squeezed into boiled water half a cup it's very sour but it's worth it apparently it starts ure metabolisuim going faster for the day so I hope to make you a bit more positive plus now I walk for at least 2 hours each day probably longer good luck let me know how you get on I will be intrigued liz

  • Oh what encouragement I got from reading your post. I'm another shortie...5'2" and into the 2nd week of the 12 week plan. You have lost a considerable amount of weight in 11 weeks and I hope to lose a similar amount by the time I'm at the end of 12 weeks, that would take me to my target weight. I note you have been very strict; I'm noting down everything I eat & drink and count the calories and at this time I still feel very positive and from reading your post I can see it will be well worth it. Thank you and very well done you!

  • Well done for starting this and doing something about it. I hope you get the same rewards as I am I feel so healthier But still have a lot of pains. And I have been suffering servere migraines I had them for 23 years but been really bad at the mo. Hopefully they will get better soon but if you need to ask me anything do just message me and I will let you know good luck Liz

  • Sorry also I count calories I use my fitness pal it's brilliant lix

  • Thank you for the encouragement, this journey doesn't feel quite so daunting.

  • Hello,

    I Started on Tuesday with a six week plan - I hope by setting a six week plan I can really commit to it and stick with it. I wieghted in at 13 st 2.2lb and i'm 5 ft 4. This is the heaviest I have been too.

    To help me I have created a diet journey to keep me focused and to remind me why I want to lose the weight. It includes a list of rewards, inspiartional quotes and pictures, graphs and resources. I would really recommend doing one.

    Good luck!!

  • Thanks might give it a try

  • Welcome, I hope you find what you need in this community. Start by dowloading an app on your phone to keep track of calories (Fat Secret, My Fitness Pal...), it's a great aid! Good luck!

  • Hi I am a newbie too and feel encouraged with all the comments, hope we can do it together!!!!

  • You bet good luck

  • Thanks everyone for the words of encouragement, your all an inspiration and I kind of feel that I'm not on this journey alone so thank you again guys x

  • Hi :-) Your post made me laugh - twice! I will be delighted when my scales say 13 stone - it's not my target but it's a lot better than where I am now :-) Your reference to the thinner person in you reminded me of an episode of AbFab when the main character says that there's a thin person in her struggling to get out and her mother says "just the one, dear?" :-)

    You have done the right thing joining this group and starting this programme. I joined last week and already feel better for it - and lighter! You will find lots of support here and I think your goal is absolutely achievable. I do wish you luck :-)

  • Thanks good luck with your journey too. Glad I made you laugh

  • Phew - I was a bit worried that I may have offended you! I wasn't laughing at your own weight loss goals and I do understand how you felt when you stood on the scales cos I felt the same way the previous week. It's just strange how different the same number can look from different perspectives - 13 stone disgusted you but will please me :-)

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