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evening all, I guess my post name describes me well!!I am an emotional eater and I have a love/hate relationship with food and long to be able to control my intake rather than find myself eating when trying to think things through or cope with something new. Like many others on this site I have health problems, one of which is chronic neuropathic pain in my face, After 10 operations to address chronic sinusitus in the 1980/90s I have been left with daily pain and try to take each day as it comes. Developing pulsating tinitus 18 months ago has lead to depression and I recently started seeing a long term counsellor. At the time eating is a 'comfort' its just afterwards that I hate myself for not being more in control. So today I have joined this group to be honest and try to take some control back. I NEED TO LOSE 2 AND A HALF STONE TO FIT BACK INTO MY CLOTHES!!


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  • Hi and welcome, sorry to hear you have been suffering from your medical problems. I find this site really good for motivating me when I feel a stress eating binge coming on! A good place to start might be downloading a calorie counting app such as my fitness pal, it's made me much more mindful of what I eat! Also try looking at the NHS weight loss materials, there's lots of useful info on there and a plan set out over 12 weeks. Best of luck with reaching your goals ๐ŸŒธ

  • thank you

  • Hi. I also have an emotional connection with food. Had gastric band 9 years ago lost 7 stone but put most of it back on. I have tmj which causes facial spasms and pain. Tinitus started 26 years ago I am profoundly deaf and wear hearing aids now but when it first started I found Tinitus was worse at night when it was quiet so I used to have music playing low in bedroom it did help x

  • thank you for your reply, I really appreciate you taking the time to reply to me. I have a machine plugged into my pillow which emits a sound of my choice which does help me to focus 'outside of myself' and not to listen to the pulsating tinitus, and like you find it worse at night. people have said its mind over matter but its just one more thing to have to cope with at the moment!

  • I have had tinnitus for years and the little gadget I had used in my ears works well. It is a question of "mind over matter" . It is still there but it is not really a bother. Have it looked at as it can be distressing if you don't get proper treatment. Now, I love my food and was not active. That was in the past. I still love my food but am active and organise myself better. NHS is very good like that. You will find the changes invigorating. Stick to it and keep in touch. You will be ok.

  • I know just what it feels like being an emotional eater with health problems. It's an awful feeling of waking up in the morning and hating yourself. You then go and do it again. Once you start this plan you will feel so much better about yourself. I lose 1lb a week which suits me and every lb loss is a thrill. It also means I haven't put any on too! I never ever thought I could do it but I'm so glad I did as I even feel quite confident. It will happen for you with our help. There are so many of us who need this forum to stay strong so remember you are not alone with your lifestyle change. Read the posts daily as you will find encouragement there and you'll be motivating someone as well too soon. Honest, it really does work! Get started and you will see. Be positive and believe in yourself!

  • thank you for your support!

  • Welcome, I hope you find what you need in this community. Start by dowloading an app on your phone to keep track of calories (Fat Secret, My Fitness Pal...), it's a great aid! Good luck!

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