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Hi everyone I,m very new to this site just joined a few minutes ago I weigh nearly 22 stone and only 5ft 2 I am unable to do much exercise at all due to severe pain and other medical problems my medication makes me put on weight unfortunately I can,t change my medication have tried numerous times but always had to go back on this medication again has anyone got any idea on how to lose weight that doesn't involve exercise any help would be much appreciated I am to embarrassed to go to weight watchers or slimming world but desperately want to lose weight thanks


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  • Thank you I will go on to the doctors.com site and see what helpful advice I can learn about and will let you know how I got on thanks again

  • Hi ...one of the things that I am trying to do is to write down EVERYTHING I eat during the day. That way I embarress myself and have realised that I do not need to eat THAT much. I ve also started to weigh my food, its incredible to see the difference between what I though I was eating and what I AM ACTUALLY eating...hope this helps

  • Thank you that's a really good idea about weighing your food so you know exactly what you are eating and writing it down I,m going to do that as well

  • Hi I am in the same place as you regards medication and execise so I am going to try and control my portion size and weigh food cos I think i am eating more than I should be. I also 'snack' way too much!!!

  • Weighing your food sounds like a really good idea I,m also going to check the fat sugar and calories on the packets when I buy things which should hopefully help thanks again

  • Hi and welcome, there are many people on here that are unable to exercise and have lost alot of weight, so it can be done! Have you tried a calorie counting app such as my fitness pal? I've found it really useful in keeping track of what and how much I am eating. Best of luck 🌸

  • No I haven,t tried the fitness and calorie app but I am going to do that now I have got a book I use but the app would be alot more convenient thanks again

  • It's defo worth a try, you can scan the barcodes on most items and it just adds it on! So much easier than looking up individually! 🌺

  • Brilliant definately going to do that I am going to keep a good and drink diary so I can see how much I am actually eating and drinking in a day which should hopefully help as well

  • That's a good idea, easier to see where you can make changes that way! The app does do that for you too, you enter your food into either breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks and you can review it all anytime you want including past days. It also let's u save meals that you have often to save putting it all in individually! And it's free, so I'm not getting royalties, even tho I seem like I'm selling it lol! I just find it brill! πŸ˜†πŸŒΌ

  • Thanks definately going to do that as at least I will see what I,m eating and drinking and especially snacking in the evening watching tv as I,m a really bad snacker

  • Me too, I have been trying out different flavoured teas for when I get peckish in the evening, seems to work quite well for stopping the peckishness! 🌺

  • That's a brilliant idea good luck with losing weight you will get there

  • As will you, we're all in it together 😊🌸

  • Thank you I can,t believe how nice and supportive everyone is on here its lovely to have such lovely support

  • I'd really recommend slimming world. No one will judge you, they are all there to support each other. 80% of your weight loss is down to what you eat, only 20% of it is from exercise. There's lots of people at slimming world who can't exercise for medical reasons and they have still lost a lot of weight and heading towards their target weight. I really would strongly recommend it as you can still eat proper food with no counting. Give it a go x

  • I will think about slimming world but I very rarely go out as I hate going out in public but I may try it in future when I feel more confident about going out

  • Hi, I do the nhs weight loss plan. I have M.E/C.F.S so struggle to do any exercise other than walking really. I have lost a decent amount of weight from it. the only problem is that for example, the 2nd week of it is based around exercise, so for the 2nd week I try and correct the things I didn't do properly in the 1st week.

  • I would struggle with week 2 as well but I will try extra hard the second week to make sure I try to correct any mistakes I made the 1st week

  • Welcome, I hope you find what you need in this community. Start by dowloading an app on your phone to keep track of calories (Fat Secret, My Fitness Pal...), it's a great aid! Good luck!

  • Thank you I am going to download that app it sounds really good

  • Hi, as I read this I thought you must be my twin sister, I was 22 stones and half a pound when I started last September and I am five foot three in height, I take synthetic opiates and have patches too, talk about getting the munchies. I am still in pain most of the time and need two new knees which makes exercise difficult.

    I plucked up the courage to start Slimming World in September and was scared to death walking through the door, how happy was I when I was warmly welcomed and soon realised I had nothing to be scared of. You can do it, and the weekly weigh in usually keeps me on track. The eating plan is so easy and there is nothing you can't have if you want. There is always chance to talk over food diaries in a one to one setting or discuss things in the group.

    Since September I have lost 3 stones and 9 pounds and am still going, I think a total of thirteen stones should put me at a healthy weight but I try not to think about that at the moment. Each pound is a pound in the right direction.

    Im sorry if I sound like a slimming world salesperson (I'm not) but I just know how well it works. Give it a go it's way less embarrassing than trips to the doctors and hospital when they just look at you and blame everything on your weight. I've even been told my shoulder being sore is because of my weight.

    Sending you loads of love and best wishes, go for it, you deserve it.


  • Thank you I might give it ago once I have lost some weight and hopefully have better movement as I can,t drive and hate using public transport you are doing amazing well done

  • I totally agree with Alex, I have done very little exercise apart from general housework. I hope to get out walking a bit once the weather improves but I am also an expert at making excuses for not doing it.

  • You really don't need to exercise to lose weight. Hopefully once you have adapted your diet and have lost some weight you will relieve some of the pressure on your body and the pain will subside and you will be able to do some light exercise. Rather than exercising I started by trying to me more active in my daily life; for example I would make a dinner from scratch which would involve moving lots around the kitchen rather than just sticking a pizza in the oven or do things in the evenings like cleaning rather than just watching tv.

  • Thank you I am hoping once I have lost some weight my mobility will improve and I will be able to start walking and going gentle exercises

  • Rather than get overwhelmed, it'll probably be best to focus on one or two things to begin with that you will enjoy Rottiemum4.

  • Thank you that's a really good idea

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