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Hi losers club,

Been seeing a lot of posts concerning how often to weigh yourself, what to eat and drink, when and how to exercise etc. All of these posts are helpful in their own way, but your diet should be as individual as you are and adapted to your lifestyle and needs. I choose to weigh myself everyday, never plan meals, don't exercise because I can't and seem to live on fruit, crackerbread, cheese and ham with the odd boiled egg thrown in. This is my personal diet such as it is and will probably have others throwing their hands up in horror at it, but it works for me, and more importantly, I'm losing weight and feel fine. I take multi-vitamins everyday and if I really crave something I will have a small taste then carry on satisfied.

Remembering the ghosts of diets past I seemed to spend a fortune on diet magazines, was surfing the net for the latest diets and had thousands of low calorie recipes that I never made. I finally realised that instead of being a person who happened to be on a diet, I was a diet with a person attached to it. Spending hours planning meals, more hours juggling calories, weighing food and being obsessed with what went into my mouth just made me miserable so I rebelled and gave up. Now, I only see fattening foods as something which will make me ill so I avoid them as you would something that you are allergic to, it works well as I have never once been tempted when shopping even though I buy normal food for the rest of the family.

The word 'diet' has always meant something bad to me, I just prefer not to call it anything and get on with my life. I don't know if this helps anyone. Have a good week all.


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  • Hey i completely agree everybodys diet differs as everybody is different and all our bodies react differently. Good for you finding what works for you, as long as you are healthy and happy then thats great. I have never been happier than i am now calorie counting and exercising when i can but thats me, others prefer weight watchers etc. I hate calling it a diet as that implys its temporary to me and diets never seem to last, its a lifestyle change to me :-)

  • I think you're absolutely right, it's essential that we find an approach that fits in with out own lifestyle or we'd never keep at it! Though I do think it's helpful for people to share their individual approaches as, certainly I, find it really useful to hear what other people are doing for ideas of how to approach my own weight loss, that way I can pick and choose what to try and if it works for me, great, if it doesn't, move on and try something else, I'm still very new at it all!

    I'm glad you have found what works for you and are succeeding in reaching your goals! Best wishes 🌸

  • Hi Ellandrhia, I see the NHS as a plan or a program not a diet. I am not on a diet. I am getting advice and motivation from an "identity" which will result in me learning to be in control of my life and feel good about it. I have leaned a lot and am still amazed about eating well and slowly returning my body to a feel good look. I think provided you follow the calory intake advice, you should be ok.

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  • I agree with ellandrhia and with the rest of you. We are all different and individual, with different body structures, height, body shape, health troubles, conditions, reaction to stress, allergies, food intolerance and what not. Add to this hereditary conditions, family health history and you have a huge and colourful picture! So there can't be and there isn't just one simple magic formula that will work on and for all of us the same.

    I also love reading about other people's experiences and what works for them - it's informative, inspiring and sometimes gives you great ideas or reminds you of what you could try.

    And in terms of losing the weight - I don't call it a diet, but a "health plan", because it's not just about losing the weight - despite it being the main issue for me. "Plan" sounds somewhat cooler to me, like I have a secret and fun mission or something - haha!

    Good luck to all of you! :)

  • I had 5 teaspoons of chocolate spread today, yesterday 4, i believe there must be chocolate diet anywhere, but bloody why am I gaining weight again? It is only chocolate... Ok, Yes I think I know what you are all saying : she loves to JoJo! :-(

  • Chocolate comes from cocoa. Cocoa comes from a tree. That makes it a plant. Therefor chocolate counts as a salad. The end.

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