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What a difference a week makes!

Just wanted to say a little thank you to those of you on this forum. One week ago I joined feeling really low after a health check up. Based on the advice and support from here I got myself organised and focused this week on my portion size. I have used an app to track my calories and keep below 1500 cals and cut out refined carbs. I have been to the gym (not been for 6 months) and I feel great. My tummy is less bloated and I feel like I have more energy! Haven't weighed myself yet since last week, I've become obsessed with this in the past and quickly given up if I haven't lost when I expected to. Just need to keep it up now but I feel more motivated than I ever have after finding this site and realising I'm not alone. :-)

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That's great you feel so much better. The forum is such a help and I don't think I would have lost weight if I didn't have the support. You'll feel better in and out now you know you've got support, advice and motivation whenever you need it. I read the posts everyday which sure does help and keeps me positive. We all know exactly what it feels like and are on the journey together. Onwards and downwards!


Hi Katie, I'm happy for you that you are feeling more positive, it's a great feeling isn't it! It sounds like you have made a good start in making those changes and I have no doubt that they will pay off and you will reach your goals! I second what eeek said about this forum, it's so nice to know we're not alone in this and will support and encourage one another through it together. I also get a bit obsessed with weighing so I am just sticking to once a week, and also measuring waist/hips/arms as sometimes when it doesn't show on the scale there's a loss somewhere else! Good luck with the coming week, keep up the good work! 🌸


The support and encouragement on here is amazing, it's definitely helped keep me on track ... Keep up the good work 🌸


So glad you are feeling so much better, this forum has helped me so much over the last few months. I try not to focus too much on the scales i use other factors like my measuring tape and scales that show fat and muscle % as well as weight, but feeling better in myself is the biggest bonus of all :-) all the best


That's a great start!! I'm happy for you! Keep it up!

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