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Hey guys!

How did everyone's Easter go? I am very proud of myself for not overindulging with chocolate. I do however have 3 Easter eggs sitting downstairs and so far I have only eaten the chocolates that come with them just not the eggs themselves yet haha! My plan is to break them all up and allow myself a little bit of chocolate each day :)

Although I have been good with the chocolate, I have had 3 takeaways this week! One of which I managed to keep within my calorie allowance and the other 2 not!

I do not expect to loose this week (weigh in tomorrow) but i'm completely back on track and excited about what the next few weeks will bring :)

Amy x

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Hey sounds like a good weekend, good idea on the chocolate, i didnt manage it even though i had good intentions, l managed a 1lb loss sunday so was over the moon. My plan is to finish the chocolate this week, thankfully not much left and up my exercise a little and hopefully maintain, or lose a little sunday. Then no more chocolate, i may have the odd treat but i wont be keeping it in the house anymore lol, its like houdini it just disappears and reappears in my mouth lol. Anyway well done for getting back on trcak hope you have a good week


Good luck with your weigh-in! Chinese takeaways tend to show on scales as they are high in salt and therefore there may be some water retention. If that's the case, don't give up, just stick to your new routines and it will go away!


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