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Back on Track

Hi losers club, it's 3am and yours truly is wide awake yet again. Been really good today but as you can see, I am a bit of a night owl. Glad Easter is over and done with and also glad that I didn't really enjoy what chocolate I did eat. If you're wondering about the little black ball of fluff on my avatar, that's Mila. She was dumped in the car park next to us a year and a half ago. She was only twelve weeks old and desperately hungry when we found her. She's now a thumping great big ball of fluff and as mad as a hatter. The strange thing was that we found her just 3 weeks after having our beloved cat Milo put down as he had cancer. I guess what I am trying to say is that things happen for a reason whether it be finding a kitten or starting a new life as a healthy, happy person. I'm now actually looking at nice clothes instead of the throwback rubbish us plus size women usually have to wear, unless it costs the earth of course then you can be bang on trend. I just can't wait to proudly march into Primark and buy something really cheap that fits! It's been so long since I wore tat. Anyway, enough of the waffle, going to treat myself to a grape and hit the hay. Keep your eyes on the prize! Night all.

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I have times when I end up getting up about 4am, I used to blame it on the fact that I worked night duty for years and my body clock was used to working at this time. Lately I've been making myself stay in bed and it seems to be working, well sometimes. Good for you rescuing your kitten last year, I agree things happen for a reason. I only discovered Primark couple of months ago, I didn't realise they cater for the biggish folk and was pleased that the clothes didn't shrink/fall apart in the wash. I used to shop in Roman cos they have nice stylish clothes for 16+ but as said will go to Primark again.

Stay strong! love my grapes too.


I have two lovely rescued cats too, they are God-sent, :) I agree that some things seem to be meant to be, fate. Have a great week!


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