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Bad weekend

Hi all I have had a bad weekend. I have been full of cold and my depression came back big style which meant my diet went kaput. I really did try to keep to the calorie counting but some how a bicci or two was eaten, mmm maybe three. I get weighed tomorrow and have been thinking of al sorts of excuses to not go. I just feel such a failure, I did week one easy and now on week two I mess up. Has any one else had such problems? I know my will power is very low. It doesn't help that all the fruit I got has been eaten by my kids. I think I am going to have to tell them to keep their hands off certain foods. Does any body else have to keep their food separate to their families?

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..."a bicci or two was eaten, mmm maybe three." It reads like you have a sugar addiction. Although fruit is more self-limiting, it is still sugar, and you will benefit from only having one or two portions per day.

Eating just sufficient low-Gi carbohydrate to replenish what you use in a day will help to keep you satisfied (along with a small amount of natural protein), so you won't want sugar (which in excess is toxic). The balance of your meals will need to be natural fat.


Don't beat yourself up housesprite! I also haven't had a great weekend, it's been particularly hard with all the easter feasting my family loves! I was meant to weigh in today but away so will go for it in the morning. Whatever will be will be tomorrow. Just have to wait and see and move on from it. Difficult about the fruit, kind of good that your kids are into it but annoying that u dont have the healthy snacks there when you want them. I do have a separate little cupboard that I keep my 'for me only' snacks in. (no kids but an ever snacking boyfriend...). Good luck with your weigh in tomorrow! 🌸


Please dont think you are a failure weight loss is a long hard but worthwhile journey. You will have good days and bad days, im on week 24 and ive had setbacks many times its all about how you overcome them and learn from them. Enjoy the odd biccy its not the end you deserve to still enjoy food and be happy in yourself. With the kids talk to them and explain that you love that they eat fruit but mummy wants some too (not sure what age sorry) if they are older explain to them why its so important for you to eat healthy too. Being ill makes it all that much harder, remember we are our own worst enemy and with depression if you are anything like me you will focus on that one setback rather than the great first week you had? It took me a while to learn to focus on the good in me and you will learn to as well. Stay strong hun and if you ever want to just rant, message me i really dont mind sometimes we just need a good rant rather than letting it build up in our heads. Take it one day at a time, maybe try writing down 3 positive things you do each day it will soon add up. Take care


Firstly: don't beat yourself up about it (thats' our job ;-) ). Sersiously though, it is not easy. You are trying to make life style changes; it will be hard at times and you may well slip on occasions.

Don't feel failure, feel the success of your first week and that you know and understand what has happened this week. Then get back on track and go at it again starting now!

Childern eaten all the fruit? Thats great, they are voting with their taste buds! Don't buy

any more biscuits or anything else that you know is WRONG. YOU and THEY prefer fruit.

If you want a penance: for every 'bicci' eaten do a brisk 15minutes aerobic walking, above your normal amount. This will help: burn-off the Kcals eaten; raise your endorphins, making your mood feel better; give you a sense of positive outcome.

Keep positive.

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You've been poorly, so be kind to yourself. And I really agree with the others about buying more fruit if you can, so that you can all eat it.

The better weather is arriving, so get outside when you can, to start building up the vitamin D (good for combatting depression).


Having children in the house would make it harder for you as you will make or keep biscuits, cakes and all sorts. Because there are only the two of us here, I do not have any junk food in the house. My husband came home from shopping this morning with two chocolate rabbits. They were on special after Easter. I took them to his shed immediately. He can eat them at pleasure without me suffering. I know it is a question of mind over matter, but getting rid of all the wrong stuff makes life easier for me.


Thank you every body for your encouragement and words of wisdom:)

I forced myself to go to the weigh in this week and was very surprised to have lost 1lb. I have talked to my children but they are 18 and at the moment do not listen to Mum. I am going to buy extra fruit and out it to one side for me to eat. If the kids want cookies etc they have to buy them their self. I also went to the gym today for the first time and as well as the aqua classes will be going there once a week.

Before this I always felt that I could not exercise because I am disabled now I know better.


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