Starting again!!

Started back in Jan & lost 7lb in total, after a few weeks of not losing anything I got a bit down hearted & gave up!! After giving up I ate more junk food then I ever have & so have put the 7lb back on.... Oh and 3lb extra :( .... So I'm back again, willpower is with me, fridge is stocked up with fresh salad & veg and there's not a Easter egg in sight!! So Starting tomorrow I'm going to lose that 7lb again along with the rest of this dread full weight & this time there's no giving up!! :)


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  • Hello and welcome back. It's so difficult isn't it when you're trying your hardest and still don't lose an ounce. Find a photograph of yourself you like and when you were happy with the way you look, then stick the photo on the fridge door to remind yourself what you're working towards. Sometimes when you don't lose weight one week, the following week you surprise yourself and have a significant loss, but even if you don't, so long as you don't gain it's a positive result. Stay positive and good luck.

  • Welcome back and well done for giving it another go. Tell yourself that the last time was your practice run and that you've learned from it - this time it's the real thing and it starts here :-) Good luck with it - you're not alone....

  • This time make it easy for yourself. Only change your diet to things you enjoy eating.

  • Good luck, remember this is a change for good, no more junk food!

  • It sure is, and the worst thing is I'm not a big junk food lover, so I'm more annoyed with myself for eating it!! Need to up my exercise more than anything, going for a long walk after work then chicken salad for tea :) thanks guys x

  • Welcome back you have know taken the hardest steps by coming back and starting again or shall we say you just had a break and are know back on the path that you want to follow.So. good on you and remember there are people and sites to keep you motivated and reach your goals.

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