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Finishing week 1

I finished week 1 on Thursday, but been busy catching up with family, so haven't had a chance to post. But I weighed myself (I've decided to weigh myself in some really light pyjamas every week) and the scales read 75.5kg (I think the 4.5kg drop was mainly due to the clothing choice), I decided to weigh myself this morning, to see how I have been getting on over the weekend, and I was 74.6kg. I am really happy with the plan, and started, C25K in my first week, as well as strength and flex, so already onto week 2. Let's hope the rest of this week is just as good!

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Well done thats a great start, glad you are feeling so positive, will help you start the 2nd week on a high. Have a great week


Great start, well done 🌸


What a great start! Keep it up!


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