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Help for post menopausal women

Hi everyone. Need some help here. Diet usually based on whole foods, not processed. sometimes a little heavy on the cakes and biscuits! Had Easter away, did a lot of cycling and walking with the result of adding 2 kg on. apart from cutting out the cakes and biscuits and increasing my activity, is there anything else I could try. Have a reasonably energetic job, usually walking around 4-5000 steps a day.

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Don't underestimate what cutting out the cakes and biscuits does.

Eating cheese, or double cream for dessert for instance may be higher in calories gramme for gramme, but they're more satisfying, not causing you to produce excess amounts of insulin/IGF-1, reducing the risk of fatty-liver and insulin-resistance, so in the long run help to control your weight.


Hi, I recommend you to download an app on your phone to keep track of calories: Fat Secret, My Fitness Pal... it will help you a lot! Good luck!


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