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Chocolate Guilt

Well, I see from other posts that I wasn't alone in the chocfest that is Easter. Glad I got mine out of the way yesterday for what it was worth. (Didn't enjoy it at all). As aversion therapy it was a success though so I'm grateful for that. I'm glad it's almost over for another year and hopefully next year will see me going out for a walk instead of spending half the day feeling sick. Hope you are all having a good Easter, I'm back on track and have made a resolution to start painting again after over a year of being totally lazy and unmotivated. I used to be a freelance artist when I lived in Saudi Arabia but that stopped when I came back 10 years ago due to lack of space and working full time. It will be difficult but I'm up for the challenge of finding space to work and restocking my paint supplies.

This year is opening up before me as a wonderful mix of new beginnings and I'm excited at all the possibilities ahead, especially as I will be able to do so much more than last year. To all of you out there that are having second thoughts about dieting, don't, at 60 I'm finally on the right track. Please don't leave it as long as I did to make a fresh start.

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Lovely to read your determination and that you are getting back to your art, good for you! Learn from the sicky feeling from the binge, i learnt a similar lesson with kebabs used to be my go to comfort food now makes me feel sick, just shows how our bodies are changing and prefering the healthy eating we do. All the best for the year ahead


It's hard to start with for all of us to change our habits but we are replacing them with new interests. I didn't think I had it in me to stop gorging on chocolate etc as it was such a longing. It was an addiction for me and I realise that now. Knowledge is strength. My new habit is checking the posts on the forum as it keeps me focussed. Hubby says he thinks I have a new fella. Enough trouble with the man I've got now!


Great post ellandrhia. Enjoy the painting!


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