Forgive me for I have sinned !

Ahhh Easter! I was full of good resolutions and broke them all. It started on Friday with a get together picnic share lunch with friends at the park . I was going to have two salmon patties and salad. Unsupportive friends made it very hard for me as they felt I was a spoil sport by not joining the feast. So I gave up. Grrrrrrrrr. But I worked out a plan. I decided I would go along with all the celebrations for the weekend and start eating healthy again on Monday. I also had chocolate and it did not do much for me. Strange really. So I don't really see this interruption as a problem, I see it all as a plateau in my weight loss program. I am not weighing myself tomorrow morning as I don't want to have a heart attack. I will simply redo my week 11, starting tomorrow morning. I really only lost one week but then because I did so well previously, it is acceptable. I feel good in my skin (and slimmer clothes). In a sense I am glad Easter is over and I can get back to normal and feeling good by sticking to the NHS plan.


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8 Replies

  • You have the right attitude so no real harm done. It wasn't a binge but just a good time. Naughty friends though.Tut, tut!

  • I have no desire to scaremonger eeek1110, and you are probably correct. That said, when people become chronically/metabolically ill it must be because they have believed such reassurances too many times.

  • I will be ok as I have done so well. I see it as having a big margin to play with. Once I reach the weight I am happy with, I will give myself a margin of 4 pounds over or under to allow for holiday or other.

  • Thank you eeek1110

  • remember when you are losing weight you are cutting calories from food and working out to burn extra calories. If you eat the same calories that would maintain your weight then you haven't done anything wrong, if you look at it like that. So don't worry to much.

    Be good and stay strong, best of luck nhs2015 x

  • Thank you trafford1

  • Good for you, seems you are in the right head space to make this work. A very sensible decision. Take everyday as a learning curve and keep moving forward. Hope you have a good week

  • Thank you fibronfedup

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