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Week 23 weigh in


Well this week ive lost 1lb, which im happy with, i had a big loss last week and even indulged a little this week in an easter egg but as i kept my exercise up i still lost so very happy :-)

Happy easter to you all x

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Well done! I'm not doing very well today because I am a chocoholic but never mind - life is for living! Enjoy your week end.

fibronfedup in reply to vjh1art

Im a chocoholic too always have been, i found that as long as i didnt make it forbidden and didnt hate myself afterwards and stuck to my exercise, i would be fine. Im sure you will too. Hope you have a good weekend too


Well done - you're still going in the right direction and you have to live a little :-) hope you enjoyed your Easter egg :-)

fibronfedup in reply to Hidden

Thank you. Thats the main thing lm still learning and heading in the right direction, happier than i have ever been. I did be glad when they arent in the shops anymore :-) have a good weekend

Great!! another successful week for you, I'm glad to hear this and as you said you did have a big loss last week so can result in a smaller loss. You can still be proud. Well done fibronfedup x

Thank you! I am! Hope you have a lovely weekend x

You're probably one of the few who managed to lose some weight these days, glad you enjoyed your Easter egg! Congrats!

wombat3838 in reply to HRHGaby

Congrats on a successful week fibronfedup. 😊 have resisted the choc so far but the day is still young lol. Keep going you know you can do it xx

Thank you. The support from this forum is amazing

fibronfedup in reply to HRHGaby

Thank you, i have finally found what works for me and im happy think thats the ultimate goal for all of us. Happy easter, have a great week x

Well done! Slow and steady does it. Each lb off is a present to yourself for all the hard work. It is so nice to be in control too and when I think how I used to be it amazes me. Food seemed to be on my mind all the time. Bye, bye to those days. x

fibronfedup in reply to eeek1110

Thank you i love the idea that every lb lost is a present to ourselves, thats going into my motivation book. I was the same now i eat because i need to not because i want to or im sad/depressed/unhappy etc.. think we have all come so far

Your very welcome x

Fabulous, well done 👏👏Happy Easter 🌻

Thank you. Happy easter to you too

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