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Worried and disgruntled....PS Happy Easter!

Okay so am doing a 1400 calorie slim down plan for Spring/Summer and general health. I am 5 foot 7 and was 12 stone 5 but now a month in am 12 stone. I am feeling low because I WAS 2 pounds lighter and now have managed to gain a few back......ARGH! I work in the hospital environment and usually think that the general running around I do would help. But the chocolate and snacks there as thank yous def. don't! I allow for 2 "treats" during work while bringing in homemade soup and 2 ryvita for my lunch.....but now think I may try the low cal. snacks they have here as ideas. Does anyone else have any ideas? What works for you on work days? Thanks- feeling low about this all.....especially since it's Easter and a patient kindly gave us all eggs......awww and AH!

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My 'idea' would be to stop regarding foods that cause you such longer-term anguish as "treats".

Overall, it's more complicated than that; eat real-foods that satisfy you, rather than high-glycaemic cardboard such as Ryvita for instance.


Hi there- thank you for your input- well what would you recommend to have with my home made soup at lunch during work instead please?


For carbs try peas, sweetcorn or sweet potato with your soup. If you want something more cracker-like, you can get oatcakes that are low-Gi, additive-free and minimally processed. For wraps, try cabbage/lettuce leaves. Quinoa or bulgur wheat are lower-Gi, minimally processed grains.

All the best!


thanks for your help!


Avoid carbs and have more protein in your meals so you'll be less tempted. I understand it must difficult to say no, you'll have to work on that. It's in your best interest!

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Hi Gaby,

Thanks for taking the time to respond. So do you have any ideas of things that might work better as lunches for work then?


An avocado (raw) with some olive oil on it; baked beans; smoked salmon; hummus; ... I don't cook so this is what I usually have.


sounds delicious- thank you!


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