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Can't cook

Hey! Im new here! Im 18 years old and Im trying to help my sister lose weight. I found the NHS 12 week guide on the net and the first week of it is about proper diet. I've only started cooking and the only thing i know is to fry fry fry. Could you guys suggest anything I could feed to my sister? I sort of hired myself as her fitness coach lol. So... Hope you guys could help me! Easy to make and healthy meal preferably. Thanks!

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Hi, have you thought about getting a soup maker? Really easy to use, just chop up the veg, add some stock, press go and you have a homemade soup in 20 minutes. Try to replace meat with fish where you can. Instead of a meaty bolognaise you could try tuna. A really easy, cheap and low calorie meal is tuna with pasta and passatta. Very little cooking, just cook the pasta, heat up the passatta and drained tuna in a pan, add a few herbs and mix with the drained pasta. Good luck!


Thanks !


Poached eggs are great, and you can also grill fish, meat and vegetables. Also raw food is great: I usually have an avocado with some olive oil as a mal once a week.


Perhaps have a look on UTube for some cookery programs? Jamie Oliver or The Hairy Bikers might give you some good ideas.


There's lots of stuff on the NHS and Change 4 Life websites.

Your local library (assuming it hasn't been closed) will have lots of books. You might enjoy Sam Stern's stuff.

I am very fond of Jack Monroe's recipes but she's about people living on the breadline and pretty tiny herself.


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