Easter Eggs!

Hi all, well, the day I've been waiting for all week arrived and I had an Easter egg. What a letdown! The chocolate tasted awful and I felt sick afterwards, and this was a Thorntons egg too. Really disappointed but a little happy as I'm a veteran chocoholic and not enjoying chocolate is something new to me. Couldn't wait to have a piece of fruit later and enjoyed that much more.

Also had a few surprises today as my arthritis was much better and I didn't get backache from standing more than 5 minutes, not to mention that I didn't have to pee every 20 minutes as I usually have to. Felt like I reached a turning point for the better. I know a stone and a half is only the beginning and I have another 6 to go but if I feel this good now, well, who knows, could be leading a normal life in a year or so.

Happy Easter everyone.


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10 Replies

  • Happy Easter to u .well done .a stone and a half is great .keep going . I'm also a recovering chocoholic. Lol . After 6 mths I don't know what all the fuss is about . . I have bought eggs for the kids and grandchildren . I got a size 14 top instead of a 20/22 . I'm well hopp bunny .

  • Well done! Losing 21 lbs is on hell of a beginning! I'm so glad you are feeling healthier so know it's a lifelong lifestyle change. The power to put what we want in our mouths is in our hands. Happy Easter and keep on doing what you are doing as it is obviously working.

  • Brilliant. A success story to start the day. Well done all of you. :)

  • Yes, some 'food' manufacturers thrive on hype, and when you look at the ingredients (and taste the product) scream "CHEAP!"

  • I have had a really bad cold, so i can't taste anything so having an egg wouldn't be much use to me, however i did buy a pretty top for myself x

  • Well done for losing all that weight. Don't put yourself or let your self go because you had one egg, once in a while wont make much difference at all and now at least you've realized you don't need it and its fruit you want. If you ever do want chocolate apparently dark chocolate about 70% upwards is best but puts you off chocolate for life 😊

  • It's great to hear that you are seeing health improvements as well as weight loss with the change in what you eat. It really does show how important it is to eat good food. I hope your health continues to improve.

    It's interesting how tastes change once you have stopped having sugar or chocolate. I can't bear to eat anything with a lot of sugar in it now, I find the taste disgusting and I've been surprised by being able to taste sugar in some unexpected places.

    Very dark chocolate is an acquired taste, but can give a really good chocolate hit once in a while.

  • Glad to read you are on the healthy track! I'm sure every day you are feeling better and better, keep it up!

  • A stone and a half is an amazing result. Well done to you. Who needs the yucky chocolate when we can have far more healthier foods with not as many calories :-) It's good to hear that you are feeling better as well. Good luck for the next milestone .

  • Well done! I'm in the same boat as you with the Easter Egg issue.

    I've recently lost just over a stone, and I've for the most part gone without chocolate (had the tiny, occasional piece). I had a third of an Easter Egg the other day, and while I ate it, I could barely taste it, and when I could, it wasn't that appetising.

    Had a fruit salad the day after - absolute bliss!

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