Week 13

Hi everyone. I hope everyone is well :-)

I have lost another 2 lbs this week. I am feeling really happy with this result and this brings my total

weight lost to 37 lbs now.

This week I am really looking forward to working out a little more as I am off work all week ( yeah :-) )

Can't wait....as I can go to the gym any time I want, woohoo

I have been walking just about everywhere these days. Before I would take the car to the shop, but now I seem to find any excuse to leave the house and walk. Everything I do now is with a purpose and I feel more energised. I love hoovering I love running up stairs I even love when I forget something and have to run back down and then back up again. It's crazy but a good crazy :-) teeheee

I wish you all a very lovely Easter Sunday and continued happiness on your journeys x


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16 Replies

  • Hey thats really great to hear. well done on another successful week, you are doing brilliantly. Im the same at work instead of phoning people i walk people think im a nutter running back and forth all the time lol. Have a lovely easter and heres to another successful week :)

  • Hiya fibronfedup, thank you. I always love hearing from you and your support is always welcomed and yes heres to another successful week to one and all x

  • Well done - you have done really well....tho I don't remember ever loving hoovering, even when I was at my thinnest! :-)

  • Hi MagsMM, I didn't love hoovering either, but after watching the truth about calories and the family who burned the most calories whilst doing house work and purchasing a new hoover I just love it. The kids are asking me why are you hoovering twice a day, LOL they don't get it :-) I do x

  • Reminds me of an excerpt from a famous bodybuilder who was out for a run with friends, and had to stifle a laugh inside for fear they would think he was mad. Despite the restrictions of his diet and the effort needed for his training, he felt that great!

    Well done :-)

  • Thank you Concerned x

  • Its good to hear the great news. Well done. Have a good week.

  • Thank you mum1955. I am staying focused and just love my new life. I have never felt better for making such a positive change. I wish you a happy Easter and a great week ahead x

  • Wow! Wow! Wow! Enough said. ;)

  • Thank you eeek1110 :-)

  • Wow, you sound so positive, that's brilliant and what a great loss. Hope to get there myself someday.

  • Hi nomore, I am very positive the energy has to be released lol x

    You will get there too. I remember I read a post on here and I to wanted to get there myself and knew I could. That was a post where fibronfedup wrote she lost 41 lbs and ever since I have been chasing that number because I can't wait to post that amount. Might sound daft, but it's a post I never forget reading and I was in orr so I'm giving it my all and as I get ever closer I get even more excited about the changes I am making.

    I wish you all the same successes on your journey. You can do it x

  • What a positive post! Good work! You are doing more than great!

  • Thank you HRHGaby, I am really enjoying every day and every week I lose weight is one step closer to getting back to where I used to be. I am going to keep going and stay focused, as this yr I am determined to be happy this summer and look good in my clothes. Health and happiness is what I seek :-) Thanks again and good luck at your next weigh in hun x

  • Hi Trafford1, good to hear from you and how well you are doing. It is a fantastic feeling when you feel good, fit and healthy. Getting a spring in your steps makes all the difference.

  • Hi nhs2015, it really does make all the difference. The only down side to this holiday period is that the gym is closed from Friday, Sunday and Monday. Well I guess that just means more walks. The weather is great today.

    Thank you nhs2015

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