Hello, I haven't yet started my weight loss program (this time!) but intend to start on Mon or Tues next (6th or 7th April). I would like a buddy to journey with me, preferably someone with a similar profile to mine. I am 64, retired and very unfit and sedentary. I am very seriously overweight with well over 100 pounds to lose. I also have Type 2 diabetes. I would love someone with whom to share the highs and lows, setting short and long term goals, maybe a bit of competitiveness too. Any takers?


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  • Hey welcome to the forum, many helpful supportive people on here of all ages and fitness levels. I wish you all the best, the nhs 12 week plan is a great place to start any weight loss journey and if you are calorie counting myfitnesspal app or website is great for tracking them. Again good luck with your weight loss

  • Hi I will be your buddy. I am 53 and have over 100 too lose as well. We can do this together I warn you I am a serial dieter!!.

  • Hi There, I started the 12 week plan last Monday. I'm 62 years old and retired nearly 2 years ago after working full time for 43 years. I need to lose 2 1/2 stone but don't mind taking it slowly so if I only lose 1lb each week that ok with me. I don't go to the gym (and don't intend to) but I do walk whenever I can, the only other exercise I do is housework and gardening!!!! I'm sure all the people on this site will be just the support you are looking for, I have certainly found it to be really good. Good Luck.

  • Hi snowgoose, Welcome to the forum, the people on here are very friendly and supportive so there are lots of people to share your journey with and offer advice and support! Sounds like you are taking the right steps and are motivated so I'm sure you will succeed! With regard to exercise, any is better than none so if you have not done anything for a while just walking a bit more ie around the block once a day would be an excellent way to start and I'm sure your fitness levels would improve! I am also very unfit but have been slowly challenging myself and have noticed improvements already (2weeks later). Best of luck with reaching your goals! 🌺

  • I'm not severely overweight ,but I'm still concerned that I could get diabetes myself. We're the same age and I will always be here at the push of a button. I think we are all on this site buddies. So whenever your feeling low after a day and think that food solves it, message me. Xx😀😀

  • Am still looking for a gym buddy in higher broughton if anyone wants to arrange something, need to lose weight a.s.a.p and need that extra boost please, you can message me

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