fell of the wagon

hi guys, I fell off the wagon big time... and put back on 8 of the 14 I had lost...

I had a bit on a scare... I found a lump in my breast and it freaked me out it took 4 weeks for me to go to the dr and 2 more weeks to get to the hospital to be checked out... I am happy to say it was nothing sinister... I turned to comfort food... but now Im back on track... starting a new 12 week plan so weighing in tomorrow to start the ball rolling .....xx


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10 Replies

  • I'm so glad everything is okay. The stress and worry made you go back to your old habits so just learn from it and get that weight off again. I've learnt that comfort food makes me sad once I've eaten it so try to avoid it. I'm amazed I can deny myself as there's chocolate etc. everywhere in supermarkets nowadays. They sure are mean!

  • Hey welcome back, so sorry to hear youve had a rough time of it lately, remember we are here to support you even if its not about weight loss, we all want to see you succeed. So glad to hear you are ok though must of been really scary. Good luck with your new 12 week plan

  • So pleased your news was good, what a worry for you. You can now concentrate on your diet, I'm sure you will do well, Good Luck.

  • Thank you so much..... I so much appreciate the support xx

  • I once heard that a periods of vulnerability are when old patterns try to reassert themselves, it's just so understandable. Well done in facing down your fear...you're a winner already. I wish you all the best.

  • Glad to hear everything okay, I recently had a breast scare, so I know the worry that can generate. Good luck going forward

  • absolutely right and I'm not in the least surprised you fell off. I'm glad all is well, so just get back on ad get going again.

    A positive to concentrate on: you still came out 6lb down. :)

  • So sorry to hear that you had such a scare but thankfully you received good news. It is so easy to "fall off the wagon. I did at the end of last year when we moved back to the UK from abroad. Then my mother was ill and died, then we moved house again and although you don't necessarily eat for comfort, the thought of processing what you are going to eat, how much you eat and when you eat it just gets jumbled up with all your other thoughts. I was so busy thinking of other things that I didn't give planning my food or meals high priority which was disastrous.

    At the time I had lost just over four and a half stone and was aiming towards a five stone weight loss but can now say that I am very almost back at my lowest weight again having woken up!

    Wishing you lots of luck with the new 12 week programme and here for encouragement whenever it's needed.

  • thank you... I so much appreciate the support.. hopefully back on track

  • Yikes! Think we all would have fallen off the wagon nuttygirl. We will pick you up dust you off and point you in the right direction😊 take baby steps and find your feet again, you can achieve anything you set your heart on x

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