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The Most Important Thing

I want to offer the best advice I can give to other people, regardless of where they're at with maintaining a healthy lifestyle - I'm sure many of you already know, or are at least aware, but it really does make all the difference:

Drink a lot of water!

So simple. But drinking plenty of water is like putting oil in the motor; it will work so much better.

Water helps stave off cravings, reduces fatigue, flushes out toxins in the internal organs, assists digestion, and (unsurprisingly) hydrates the whole body.

I personally aim to drink up to 1.5 litres after waking each morning, before even having breakfast. It is said adults should drink approximately 2 litres of fluid per day, but I recommend aiming to drink 2 litres of just water PLUS anything else you'd normally drink (i.e. tea, coffee, smoothies).

If you don't like the taste of water, try adding sugar-free squash or ice cubes and fruit slices, or mint.

From experience, drinking lots of water regularly each morning has been the real key to maintaining healthy habits. I have more energy and feel both physically and mentally better.

Anyone wanting to lose weight and be more active should make this their first priority.

I hope this proves helpful and please pass this advice on to others.

Now go have a nice cool glassful! :D

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I've always struggled with drinking lots of water myself and I have to be really pro-active with it or I just would not. I have found something called High 5 (Zero) Tablets have helped me (Not the Caffeine Ones) they are just tablet you drop into a 750ml sports bottle of water, which dissolves, adds a little flavour and some trace elements to the water but no energy hence the name Zero.

Best Wishes :)

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Yes I believe you could have something here. I'm on annual leave this week so out of my normal morning gym routine. I'm eating sensibly (a couple of slips), but I haven't had a drink of water all week - just coffee and herbal tea and I've been feeling lethargic and under the weather, thinking I'm coming down from a stressful period at work. I've put 2lb on (argh......). So, tomorrow, onwards and forwards with the water.

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