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First Stone Lost

sueper5 stone

So pleased I have my first stone (and a bit) off I just had to share with you. It has taken me just over 6 weeks so I have maintained my target of 2 lb a week even though it has been up and down a bit. I am not following the 12 week plan but using this site for encouragement and tips - it really keeps me motivated:)

I am pretty sure I have lost more but couldn't face the scales for the first few weeks and then the battery was gone, so I had been cutting down for a while before my first weigh-in and by then my close were already loose. But the official news is one stone off!

I have a lot on over the next week or so and an Easter egg taunting me so this has given me the motivation to keep on track as best I can. Yay!

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Brilliant! Keep going! Watch out for the Easter Bunny!

It's an amazing loss after just 6 weeks! Good work! Keep it up!

Well done!

👏👏brilliant, well done 🎉🎉🎉

Fantastic!! well done on your loss, i'm really happy for you keep up the good work x

That's really good news, well done and keep at it.


Woohoo! Well done you :-)

sueper5 stone

Thanks everyone!

It is lovely to hear so many people are getting such a buzz from getting healthy. Good for you!

Congratulations well done, it's such a great feeling when you reach your goals.

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