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Hi Everyone!

I am such a chicken!!! I really want to do the Couch to 5K but I am 45, overweight and have always been very self conscious about how I look. Couple this with working full time mon to fri - getting up at 6.45am and not getting home until 6.15. Add in husband and 9 year old to look after... and you get the problems couple with quite good excuses!!!!

Anyway, I was wondering if the Couch to 5K is recommended for children or a version of this.... My daughter eats healthily and is a great motivator and needs a little exercise for health.

Any advice or suggestions gratefully received!



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11 Replies

  • By all means post on the "couch to 5k" board on here, but I think it would be OK. I think there are several people who run with their kids there. I know I get overtaken by a 10 year old kid and his dad on Parkrun every week, and he is not the youngest.

  • Thank you rmnsuk for replying - even though I was stupid enough to post on the wrong site! Great - a 10 year old has be able to join in - my daughter will be thrilled to be a sergeant major!

    Are you an RMN? If so - I am in the same sorry boat!

  • rmn? no sorry it's just our initial, me and my partner (rmns).

  • Hi Lucy,

    Don't let being a little self conscious ruin your fight to get fit. 99% of the people out and about that will see you running and think "I should probably be doing that good on her!" Set yourself some realistic goals, if its completing the 5km running without walking or completing the 5km without stopping that would be a great achievement.

    I don't see why you can't go running with your daughter no doubt she'll keep you on your toes. If you get chance have a read of this article I came across on the Guardian website:

    Get those running shoes on!

  • Thank as well for the reply, Stentatron!

    That article was great - I talked about my daughter being my personal trainer a while ago and she was so excited! Her dad usually does all the active things with her that I don't enjoy i.e. football/cricket so this will be a chance to be a real role model! Hurray! I'll keep people posted on progress.


  • Do it!! It's great to get your kids into good health patterns. Until this year I was getting up at six and home at 8, now I have similar hours to you and think I have loads of time. The first thing I do when I get home is pop out for a quick jog for 10 mins or do 10 mins on the bike, it gives me loads of energy for the rest of the evening. Good luck

  • Hi Alex7ra! Thank you for your reply! I think the light evenings will help me now. I have spent last week trying to get out as often as I could for a half an hour brisk walk - my daughter came too on one occasion. I am trying to eat healthier i.e. smaller portions and less reliance on the odd rubbish at work due to snatched breaks (nursing will kill me!). I am most worried over my poor fitness levels and don't want to die with a heart related condition!

    Excuses are running out slowly but surely!

  • Quite a few C25K'ers have done it with their children. My Son did it when he was 8 (he's 10 now) but he does not enjoy running and apart from one day a week at an after school jogging club he does not run much anymore. I am though determined to get him back running with me during the Easter Hols!

    Good luck with C25K you'll find a thriving community of support here on Health Unlocked, it's amazing just how many people in the world are doing or have done the NHS C25K program.

  • Thank you OlsBean for your reply - I guess I had better get organised and start C25K!

  • Hi there....I'm doing the C25K and loving it....come on to our forum to read more and you will see plenty of people running with their kids. Once you start you will be hooked and won't need the kids after a week or so anyway. It's doable for all ages, sizes, and designed for those of us who haven't run ever! Cmon over :)

  • Hello Northernspirit,

    Thank for the encouragement! I hope I will do ok


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