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How do you fit exercise in?


Hi everyone, I'm on week 2 of the plan. Week 1 went really well - I've stuck to the cal allowance and am achieving 10,000 steps on most days.

However, from this week onwards the plan wants you to schedule 150 mins of aerobic exercise each week and, from what I understand from the leaflet the walking that I'm doing doesn't count - the walking I do is on the way to work and during lunch break so I can't get too sweaty!

I have quite a sizeable commute to work (2.5 hrs round trip) and therefore I have to be up early and get back late.

Is anyone else in this situation? How do you fit your exercise in?

Thanks! :)

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I'd say your walking counts, keep doing that, xx

I include any walking as aerobic exercise. I am sure it is included

Faerygold in reply to nhs2015

Thanks! That makes me feel better. The way I interpreted the leaflet was that walking counted towards being more active but wasn't necessarily recognised as aerobic activity. If others still count it though, I shall too! :)

nhs2015 in reply to Faerygold

Maybe print out the 12 weeks and have a quick read of the lot? It may give you a broad idea

Google "Jumping Jacks". I find it's hard work but easy to do just at home. The first time I tried it my husband was in the other room and thought we had a mini earthquake. Ha Ha. How rude it that? :)

Hi Faerygold,

Walking is good exercise and I would definitely continue doing what you are doing as it will burn off those calories. Now I have to get up early and get home late but I know exercise is important if I want to get in shape.

So twice a week I get up earlier (05:45) and go for a run and hit the gym in the evening (3 evenings a week) I don't get home until 21:30 but it is worth it.

Now that I don't have any kids (that I know of) or another half so this is easy enough for me as it keeps me out of the pub which is always a good thing.

You also have the weekends make sure you make the most of your time here and try and vary your workouts as much as you can this will keep your body on its toes.

You can do it!

Faerygold in reply to Stentatron

Wow! That's amazing commitment, good work! :)

Until very recently me and my partner used to do Saturday and Sunday walks, of at least 5 miles each, which were of the up hill, down dale variety. I really enjoyed these as they got the heart pumping and I felt that it was a good variety of exercise to do. We've literally just exchanged keys on a new house and now our weekends (for the short term at least) are devoted well and truly to DIY! It won't be forever though and I fully intend to restart those walks when we can. For the interim I'll just have to bite the bullet and find two slots per week for my Davina High Energy 5 DVD! :)

Frog4 in reply to Faerygold

Isn't DIY excercise too?

Fitting in exercise around long work hours can be difficult, i do most of my exercising at home except for walking, i do weights and my cross trainer in front of the tv so i dont miss my fave programmes also find by distracting myself with the tv i dont notice how long im going for, whereas if i do it in silence im too busy clock watching. I started doing simple step ups on a wii fit board in front of the tv akd built up as i felt fitter. Find what works for you :-)

Thanks for your reply! Once we move out of our flat, which should only be a few weeks now, Im considering buying a treadmill. I really want to try doing the couch to 5k but don't have easy access to a gym and I'll be living in a an area that I don't fancy running around in on my own!!

I've owned a set of weights for years and probably used them three times! I've made it my goal for next week to complete two 30min sessions using the weights! XD

The wii fit board sounds like fun too. I think my parents had one of those, maybe I can steal it... ;)

Have a great Easter!

No problem anytime. I have 2 routines for weights 1 of which i do sat on my sofa i do 4 types of lift that i do 3 sets of 12 reps then i keep a tally of how many of each type i do over an evening, depending on how im feeling depends on how many i do but always have rest days between lots of weights to let your muscles recover. The wii fit is fun and so is just dance on the kinect xbox 360 gets my heart rate up whilst enjoying myself. Happy easter to you too x

Do as much as you can at the weekends. Join a gym near your office so you can go straight from work before you get too tired after your commute.

None mentioned shopping: I normally go shopping on my bike (with a basket and bags either side of the handle bars) and a rucksack. To the shops it is 20 minutes cycling, back it is 20 minutes cycling, and if I cannot get it all in one go, it is back again. Just leave your car at home if you can.

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