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Thank you

Thank you every one for your support and advise it is making a big difference to me knowing that I am not alone. Today even though I have a bit of a cough I still went to aqua classes, though I did make sure that my hair was dry before I left the leisure centre. Who knew that the hair dryers there were so good, it just cost 20p to dry my hair.

Before I stared this new way of life I was very depressed, but now I feel like a new woman. I am smiling more and instead of putting things off they are getting done. I am still finding the diet hard but I am not giving in, I just keep trying new things. I wish I could bottle this feeling, I would make a fortune.

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Hey lovely to read such a positive post, so glad you are feeling better and enjoying the new feelings. The diet will take a while to get used to, then it will become habit to make the good choices, Maybe write down how you are feeling so when you have a low moment you can re-read it it to motivate yourself, or even create a little video on your phone for yourself, whatever helps really. Hope you feel better soon, this cold going around is really wiping people out. Make sure you get some rest but you are doing well, keep up the good work :)


Thanks for your post, you are not alone, making personal choices for oneself is difficult but great! It's ok to change slowly, what's important is that you put yourself first, xx


I used to feel so out of control and thought how could a 55 yr old woman still be eating so many sweeties. Felt very silly at times especially when I used to tell the checkout girl it wasn't all for me. I don't buy sweets or chocolate now and am amazed I can walk on by. Have a good day tomorrow. :)


What a lovely feel good post! So glad that you are feeling so happy and positive, hold on to it! And thank you for sharing the positive vibes! Also well done for carrying on through your exercise class despite feeling poorly! Best wishes to you 🌸


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