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April.1st. Diary.Run run run!!

ok..first day exercise, did the 5K running thing, boy it is tiring. I ve been on diet for a week but today is the first day I actually start doing some proper sports. I mean...I did try to walk to uni and mall in stead of driving. And I always go out have a walk after dinner for the last week. But, like I said, all of those are not exactly "sports".lol.

I have to say I hate running, it is super tiring, I know it is effective though. However, after the run, had a giant glass of water then took a shower, I have to admit that I feel amazing... so much better(or healthier) than sitting at home and watch drama or movie. So, definitely gonna stick to it.

Then about today's meal, I had a glass of honey water before breakfast (this is highly recommend ;) just for detox and everything) Had low-fat cereal with trim milk and an apple for breakfast. Lunch was Chinese cabbage with tofu soup. Then had chicken breast and kale salad for dinner just now.

I do not want to stand on scale everyday, sometimes the result can be frustrating. Maybe once a week is a better choice. :)

Just toooooooo desperate to lose weight :( Really hope I can be in a better shape before I go back to China at the end of this year.

oh and do not mind my lousy English :( just write for myself to read anyway......still a little bit embarrassed. *shy*

2015.04.01 Wednesday

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Hi, it seems you've had a good start, keep it up!


Hey sounds like you have started out really well, good for you, use those positive feelings to keep yourself motivated. I only weigh in once a week at the same time each week as your body flucuates daily but find a balance that works for you. All the best


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