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Bit late but ....


Meant to post on Sunday when I had my weekly weigh in, but don't know where the day went! Anyway, at the end of 4 weeks I have now lost 12lbs, only a 1lb loss this week but I know this was down to me not planning my meals as well as I have been due to us re-decorating where that became the priority this week rather than my weight loss/ health. Back on it again this week though and feeling as positive as ever. Saw a friend on Sunday night who noticed my weight loss so that was a nice boost, I also fitted into a pair of size 14 jeans without cutting myself in half, so that was a bonus too - so there is progress. I also started on Couch to 5K app last week, managed to run/walk on two occasions, but due to the bad weather .... I guess I'm a fair weather runner/ walker LOL. Anyway, lets move forward and I hope everyone has a positive week :)

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A loss of 1 lb is great considering you were a bit distracted this week, have a great week 5!

Well done, keep up the good work 🌸

Well done! Be careful as the Easter bunny will want to spoil all your hard work. 12lbs off is a great result. :)


Well done! That's very inspiring to a newbie :-)

Well done on your weight loss. Its great. To still lose a lb when not focusing as much shows that you are making good choices habitually now which is awesome. Good luck for the next week

Well done 😁

Oh that's a really good loss, well done. I bet it was great when your friend noticed you have lost weight.

Wow 12 lbs in 4 wks :-) This is really good progress you are making. I am really happy for you keep up the good work and stay focused.

Congratulations on the weight loss and starting the C25K

well done - 1lb down is still a loss so it's still progress in the right direction. I know what you mean about fair weather walker/runner - my problem too.

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