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Hi everyone,

I have decided to try the nhs couch to 5k and healthy eating as my weight has ballooned to 16st and it's getting me a little down. My partner isn't bother about my size, he says he loves me no matter what but I just don't feel happy myself 😔

I am a care assistant so I am on my feet constanley for 11 hours most days, I don't eat very much also. I was at the doctors the other day, and she wasn't very helpful. She just said well you need to do excersize, sometimes I don't have the energy after work to do anything apart from sleep (this is getting looked at)

Can any offer words of advice

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Maybe you don't eat much but make bad choices for food. I suggest you download an app on your phone and keep track of your calories, My Fitness Pal or Fat Secret. Good luck!

Hey welcome to the group, very helpful supportive people on here. I feel your pain i have a job where i do 12 hour shifts mostly on my feet it can he very draining. I tend to do exercise on my days off, although i wear a pedometer so i make sure i hit my step goals on days where im working. I started off by doing small amounts of exercise on my days off and increased as i felt fitter. Partners dont tend to see us they way we see ourselves and although they think they are helping can be annoying saying things like "treat yourself, one chocolate bar wont kill you". Try talking to him and explaining how you feel and let him know you appreciate that he loves you the way you are, but would like his support on bettering yourself. Im sure he will understand and be willing to support you. An app like myfitnesspal is great for recording calories and for pre-planning snacks and meals for long shifts at work. Take a look at the nhs 12 week plan its a great place to start and helps you to get healthy eating sorted. All the best hun

Hi, I've just read your post and empathise with the way you are feeling. I've piled on just over 2 stone in the past 2 years and really unhappy with myself. My husband is similar to yours in as much as he says my weight isn't a problem but to be honest that doesn't help me as it makes me less determined to lose weight. The support I've received on this website over the past 2 days has been so helpful and I really feel that I've taken control of myself. I'm sure now you've taken this first step you too will feel in control of your destiny. Good Luck.

Couch to 5k is a really brilliant program, I graduated a year ago and would highly recommend it ... The podcasts are really motivating too so will help with your healthy eating plan too ... I'm on week 6 of the NHS 12 week weight loss plan and it is fab too ... The support and encouragement on here will keep you on track 👍☀

Hey girlneedshelp,

I can really understand where you are coming from, I too am very unhappy with my weight and have been for a long time. I also do long shifts as a carer and am close to completing my nursing degree so I get the long shift thing. When I actually started looking at what I ate, using myfitnesspal it was always something high sugar and high carb coz I was so starving by the time I got to eat. I'm on my second week of the diet, I started it in some time off but I defo think preparation is key, making a healthy lunch the night before and taking some healthy snacks so that they are always there when you need them.

As for couch to 5k, I can't run atm due to knee probs but have been using it on my bike and have found it really good, have you joined that community? There are sooo many people that were unable to do any exercise and are now regularly running 5k!

You have come to the right place as the support on here is fab!

Good luck with your plan and I hope you achieve your goals! 🌸

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