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Whoop bloody whoop



I weighed 10st 9lbs 23rd march, this week I weigh 10st 5lbs, I'm completely gobsmacked not been for a run cause I've had I really hectic week with work and family life, I'm nearly at my goal not far to go.

The only thing that I can say I have been doing differently is eating more green foods with my tea, rather then having chips and so on, so if I have steak for tea I will have green foods such as asparagus, beans green salads, breakfast having fruit, dinner a crumpet with some fruit, or high protein yogurt and fruits my calorie intake is what I need to take, through out the day I drink green tea or lemon tea, and water,

if your reading this I do hope it helps, it has for me and I can tell more with my work clothes. Keep going and keep focus will power has helped me too.

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Congratulations, I've only just started on my 12 week diet so reading posts such as yours is very encouraging. Well done!

Very good choices and brilliant results! Keep it up!

Well done on nearly reaching your goals. Gives us hope when we are further away from them

Brilliant! Well done! Inspirational!

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